Kids, forget the Fall back to school fashion trends when it comes to impressing your peers. It’s that seemingly lowly lunch box that can make or break your rep for an entire academic year.

Clothing is never a constant, whereas that portable food delivery system you’re saddled with, toting whatever fresh Hell your Mom Ziploc’d, will be there, rain or shine for an entire ten months making a statement about who you are. Unless you manage to pawn it off on that Hobo who’s always collecting bottles and feral cats, on the walk home from school, you’re in for a full school year of muted snickers, finger pointing and making excuses for why your Mom thought a hot pink Dollar Store “Disco Fever” lunch pail was an acceptable choice.

Here are a few interesting designs that think outside the Lunch Box.

Ok, if you’re in pre-school, nobody has reached that level of judgmental bitchiness to call you out on this Ralph Wiggum special.

While I applaud this Sheldon special, part of me hopes that the other 3 nerds are featured on their own pails. Especially Wolowitz if it salutes the episode where he gets his junk mangled by that robotic arm.

It’s good to let other kids know right away that if you attempt to steal Jill’s Pop-tarts, she will cut you.

What’s in there? A freshly salvaged kidney or an Oscar Mayer’s Lunchables kit? Which would be the more disgusting of the two?

Don’t leave this lying around a giants house. Anyone who has ever stepped on a Lego brick knows what I’m talking about.

The main pr0blem with buying the i-Pail is that a newer version will be offered before the current school year is even over.

I’d be OK with my Mom sending me to school with nothing buy carrots and hummus if it meant carrying around the prized pork pail.

I’d rather have a Lunch back pack that resembled the left over pieces of C3-P0 after he got too nosy at Cloud City. Then I could make awesome Wookie noises while I ate.

Trailer Park lunch pails never let you forget where you came from, and why you’re on your 184th consecutive bologna & ketchup sandwich.

I tried again and again taking the sandwich out and blowing on it repeatedly in hopes that it would taste better.

I like a lunch box that has the ability to tell me if the egg salad sandwich inside has gone bad. Thank you Dark Arts.

Even at an early age, Jared just knew that sandwiches would be his life.

How many times has this Hipsterish lunch box been Instagrammed today?

I’m sure there are plenty of kids who wish they could time travel past specific meals their Mom’s have prepared. Do you suppose it comes with a Dalek thermos?

Steampunk’d Lunch. Good luck getting that by school metal detectors. Or your Dad.

I was a bit disappointed with this Bat-man bag. While I give points for the cape, part of me felt the utility belt should have been developed to hold condiments, wet naps, toothpicks etc.

And if you’re on a budget, there’s no shame in brown bagging it.

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