With heat wave season in full effect, cooking meals the old school way can transform your once tranquil prep space into a literal Hell’s Kitchen.  As the mercury continues to skyrocket, most people seek relief via an outdoor grill or ordering delivery from the comfort of a kiddie pool.

While BBQing is an acceptable alternative for some, here are just a few, slightly more inventive ways on how you can beat the heat by retiring your oven for the Summer.

C is For Camry: Nothing like a batch of dash-licious cookies. Let Mr. Sun do all the work! Don’t want to wait for them to cool down? Flip the A/C and you’ll be dunking these beauties in a cool glass of milk before you can say “new car smell.”

Washer, Not Fryer: Using your dishwasher to steam fish seem like a no brainer. In this video, salmon gets the Whirlpool sauna / water park ride treatment.

Heavy on the Starch: College students living in matchbox sized apartment or dorms, with an equally sizable food budget will appreciate this one, which is often referenced in TV & film. Grilled Cheese prepared lovingly atop an ironing board. Ah, the Classics.

Should Have Had a V8: Cooking items via your engine block kills two birds with one stone. Tuck some meat in for that Sunday drive & enjoy the end result at your final destination. Now, any delectable road kill that catches your eye, is only one sheet of aluminum foil away from being Dinner.

Pizza Oven Inception: You need only be slightly trained in the mystical realm of arts & crafts to make such magic happen. This video shows you how to transform a leftover pizza delivery containment system into your own Easy Bake Oven. Cardboard box  Evolutionists take note.

Boil Maker: This item lets the user boil up water, soup, coffee etc, via a self contained burner. Used mostly by mountain climbers and outdoor enthusiasts, nobody says you can’t throw a can of Chef Boy-ar-dee Rollercoasters in there*. Lunch is served! *The instructions probably say that.

Solar System: It’s only right that the sun cook both you and your choice of meat on a hot Summer’s day. It appears everyone on Youtube is channeling their inner MacGyver by dreaming up inventive contraptions like this one, which admittedly, gets the job done quicker than one would have thought. The turkey burger featured could have benefited from some SPF.

Compost It Note: The intense heat generated by a sedentary pile of compost is an incredible feat. Sort of a greener, stinkier version of the Hawaiian pig roast cooking process. I can’t say it would be food you’d probably want to eat afterward, but at least you know.

Mount Stay-Puft: Say, do you have an active volcano in your back yard? Well grab the kids, graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate & instructions on how to treat third degree burns!


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  1. Cynthia

    These should all probably be tested by Mythbusters. Except maybe the compost oven. Yuck.


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