Thanks so much to everyone who gave us Eating Styles suggestions last week! Our idea queue is chock full again, thanks to you.  If you have more ideas, feel free to keep commenting! That being said, this week’s Eating Style’s poll comes to us from “Not-so-famous Dave,” who asked “When you’re eating while driving, do you steer with your knees or elbows?”

Eating while driving, like texting while driving and enjoying Nickelback while driving, is one of those things that’s pretty dangerous and bad for your health but a lot of people do anyway out of carelessness or sheer necessity. Most of us have done it. It’s so easy! Why else would they have drive-thru windows, if not for that express purpose?

So eating while driving happens. The question is, how do you manage it? Are you confident enough in your waitstaff-caliber balancing skills and arm dexterity that you can steer with your elbows and chow down with your hands at the same time? Or do your knees have that special gripping power that allows them to basically function as hands on the wheel? Or do you just only eat things with one hand, even if you have to pick things up akwardly – thus keeping one hand on the wheel at all times? So readers, which body part allows you to continue functioning as the Supreme Driving Master you doubtlessly usually are behind the wheel, elbows, knees or one hand? Vote for your favorite option below, and explain in the comments.

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  1. Adam

    I try to eat food that can be eaten with one hand. Switching between food items or unwrapping gets saved for stop lights.


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