What’s up, So Good readers? We’re looking for more ideas for Eating Styles polls. An Eating Styles poll asks about anything having to do with a preference for a certain food, drink, or food-eating method. Some of my favorite posts in the past have been soda vs. pop, regional hot dog styles and fork stab vs. shovel. Do you have any you’d like to see us do? If so, leave your ideas in the comments!

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  1. Cynthia

    SALAD – dressing on top or on the side
    CHILI – plain, w/chips, crackers, cheese, etc
    SPAGHETTI – keep sauce separate, mix it up, twirl on fork, cut up and scooped, etc

  2. Marit

    How about sandwiches – open-faced or doubled on bread? Where I’m from (Estonia) the former is commonly consumed.

  3. Keith Bistodeau

    Here are some ideas:

    Flavor of popsicles- homemade vs. store
    Bread Types- We know there are a lot!
    Soups- Whats the best for the occasion?
    Donuts- Old-Fashion vs cake vs fried

  4. TSW

    soft pretzel – salt, no salt, cinnamon sugar, mustard

    ice cream – cone, cup, melted, soupy

  5. Not-so-famous Dave

    cake eating..save the frosting for last?
    onions on a burger..fried or raw?
    Champagne..the ’28 Krug or the ’66 Perignon?
    Eating while driving..steer with your knees or your elbows?
    Popcorn..micro, air, stovetop, toppings, use oil?

  6. Mrs. L

    Pickles or not on your burger?
    Corner piece of cake or center piece?
    Edge brownie or center?
    Plain or BBQ chips?
    Jam or Jelly?
    Do you leave your napkin on your chair or on the table?
    If you don’t have fresh, canned peas or frozen?
    Fork or spoon when eating peas or corn?
    White or yellow onions?

  7. Smokin'

    Eggs – sunny side up or hard fried
    Licorice – black, red or none
    Favorite beer – one of the main food groups
    What do you eat when you go to the movies?
    Food you will never eat again
    Airline food – peanuts or cookies or pretzels?

  8. Jessica

    Candy- chocolate, hard, chewy, nutty, fruity
    Pie- a la mode, with fruit, whipped cream, slice of cheese, or plain
    Popcorn- regular, cheesy, caramel, kettle
    Nuts- peanut, brazil, cashew, almond, pastacio, hazlenut, walnut
    Eggs- mixed with food on the plate, cooked with mix-ins, hot sauce, cheesy, or plain
    Sauces- marinate it, dip it, drizzled it on top, spread evenly, no sauce


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