Only a few days until you’ll be scrambling for that last minute Father’s Day gift. Like so many before you, possessing limited creativity and/or an anemic bank account, it will likely boil down to the tried and true “eeny meeny miny mo” method of either socks or a necktie. Some call these the classics. Your Dad calls them yard sale candidates as he writes you out of his will.

Ditch the knee high argyles and go all “Mad Men” for dear ol’ Dad this year. Sure you could take the dapper route & give him something stylish and refined. Or, thanks to advances in tie technology, you could choose from thousands of novelty prints, especially those focusing on your Pop’s favorite food. Sure he won’t be able to wear it to a funeral or job interview but look out if someone throws a formal BBQ or you marry that guy he doesn’t approve of. Then that lobster tie you gave him is on, like Donkey Kong.


“The Lady and the Tramp”

“The Redenbacher”

“The Hawaiian”

“The Buttah Bib”

“The Mr. Softee”

“The Baller”

“The Senor Dog”

“The Button Down Swirl”

“The Top Dog”

“The Make it Bacon”

“The Keep the Tip”

“The Big Cheese”

“The Bottoms Up”


“Utensil Tie Clips”

“The Formal Napkin”


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  1. Pia Kreisman

    This is so cool! This will really be much appreciated by the fathers especially that there is a saying about, “the way through a man’s heart is through his stomach” and maybe with this through his appearance also. It will not only make fathers standout from the crowd but it will also gain them new image from their boss.


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