This time of year, fresh produce is making its way back into farmers markets and grocery stores. Asparagus is usually one of the first to show up, fava beans (you hear the slurping don’t you) , strawberries, ramps and of course rhubarb aren’t far behind. Leave my rhubarb alone please.

It’s the time of year where people start thinking BBQ’s and outdoor dining instead of hearty comfort foods.
This transition is not only felt by the forager who is madly looking for ramps or spring morels, but also by the restaurant chains who have to shift their menus to stay with the season.

Arbys brings back their seasonal chicken pecan salad sandwich and wrap.

I’m not a fan of grapes or nuts in my chicken salad, but if that’s your thing then you better get it while you can. Get yourself a jamocha shake or piece of jamocha cream pie  while you are at it.  I have no idea what jamocha is but I am sure it’s delicious year round.

McDonalds is trying to get you into the warmer weather with its seasonal beverages – the cherry berry chiller has arrived for a limited time. Those of you disappointed that Shamrocks Shakes have left the McCafe for the year can console yourself with this offering. I have no idea why apples are pictured other than they are likely the bulk of the juice that makes up the 100% juice in this frozen concoction.

Wendy’s rolled out their Spicy Guacamole Club earlier this season because, as we all know, guacamole = summer. Wendy’s has also jumped into the signature summer drink fray with their fruit teas and lemonades.

Subway rides in with their yogurt parfait as one of their fresh fit offerings. Are you seeing the berry trend yet? I know I am. The featured foot long pizza sub doesn’t hit the mark for seasonal, but who doesn’t like pizza?

On a Pizza Hut note, they don’t seem to care what season it is, stuffing cheese into parts of the pizza where cheese doesn’t typically go is a year round thing. Why change?

So if you don’t want to spend all your time in the farmers market or grocery store trying to figure what is fresh and local for your area, you can rely on the marketing teams at your favorite fast food places to tell you.  It’s fruit by the way, fruit is what you should be eating in the spring. So get out there and forage for some berries at your local McDonald’s and enjoy the season.

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  1. Mark

    Dave I see them every year and have never eaten them. Any favorite ways to prepare?
    Rhubarb, Asparagus and Fava Beans are the 3 that really make it spring in my world


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