Over the next few weeks, I’ll be delving into the Hype, History & Hysteria revolving around a once elusive fast food item that is making a bigger splash this year in many more fast food fanatic circles.

In the weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, Ronald McDonald is making it easier for you to rediscover or perhaps experience for the first time, the emerald tinted phenomenon that is the Shamrock Shake. They’ll do so by doing something they’ve never attempted before. Opening up the shake machine floodgates and offering it Nation Wide for the very first time in its almost forty years existence.

Yes, you read that correctly. You’ll no longer be jealous of some boob in Idaho who gets to savor the most treasured of shakes while you sit alone in a McDonald’s stirring Colgate into your plain Jane version.

This year, everyone can get Shamrocked.

Be sure to visit ShamrockShake.com to see or post the latest sightings of the once elusive green icon for fast food addicts. An official press release from McDonald’s notes that they began rolling out on Monday, February 27th and will last until St. Patrick’s Day (or until supplies last).

Next to the McRib, I can’t think of another menu item in the McDonald’s canon that causes that much of a seasonal stir in the lives of your average junk food junkie or pop-culture itself.

Back in 2010, Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon was accused of depleting one New York McD’s entire supply of Shamrock Shakes by giving his entire studio audience the frosty treat! Citizens were not impressed!

Even a major city went Shamrock Shake crazy this year, using the National launch for a tie in with the annual event of turning the Chicago River green.

Some crazies have even tried to crack the code in hopes of  duplicating the beloved taste so you can enjoy year round. Until you’ve enjoyed your first Shamrock Shake in the wild, you’ll know how futile this venture is.

Next Week: Faith n begorrah, you’ll enjoy a Shamrock Shake History Lesson from Professor Andy. By then I’ll have enjoyed at least twenty of them and will be full of the Irish spirit and perhaps just a little lactose intolerant. I’ll also be giving a full review of the new McCafe remodel done on our beloved Shake. Ain’t it purdy?


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