Voting on these match-ups is now closed. Airheads (63%) shocks Kit Kat (37%) and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (54%) edge past Snickers (46%). 

We’ve reached the final week of Candy Madness! Voting on these Final Four match-ups will be open until Wednesday at 12 pm ET. At that time the FINAL vote will go from Wednesday afternoon until Friday at 2 pm ET.


If you aren’t hip yet to Candy Madness, read our intro post here and see the up to date bracket below.

We’ve had an interesting past week. Plucky underdog and #8 seed Airheads has made it to the Final Four as they’ve successfully rallied the vote from their fans on Facebook & Twitter – but they also haven’t faced a seed higher than #5 yet. Have they just had a string of lucky match-ups? What will happen when they run up against #2 seed Kit Kat who is riding high after knocking off M&M’s? Will Kit Kat rally their fans and fight back, or allow Airheads to defeat them?  On the other side of the bracket, #1 seeds and titans of the candy world, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers have swatted aside all competitors so far as if they were mere flies – but now they must face off against each other. Which candy will prove to be the most popular?

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 Here are our Final Four Match-Ups:

Who are you voting for and why? Who will ultimately win the crown of greatest candy in the world?

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20 Responses

  1. JoeBuckSwag

    Looks like airheads probably has this locked up since they’re the only ones asking for votes on facebook/twitter


    Here is some food for thought….The University of Kentucky won the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. Airheads are produced in Kentucky…Coincidence???? Hmmmmmmmmm

    GO AIRHEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cynthia

    These voting results so far just boggle my mind….. Airheads over KitKat, really?

  4. Unhappy

    Again I call shenanigans!!! You airhead fans (interpret as you see fit) have ruined Candy madness!

  5. Adam

    How can Kit Kat beat Starburst but not Airheads? I think Airheads is winning because of a lack of fruity candies. The non-chocolate lovers are skewing the vote.

  6. Sethonious

    There has always been a skewed higher number of airhead votes than for each candy in the same round. I think there is something pop chips-esque happening here…

  7. White Mystery!

    Yay Airheads! They are so delicious! Lets be honest, on a hot summer day would you rather have a hot, sticky, messy Kit Kat or a sweet, tangy, fruity Airhead? I’m going with an Airhead (or two).

  8. Candyman

    @Unhappy…..Ruined? It seems people love Airheads, and they are showing their love.

    You should go out and buy some Airheads, after your delicious experience you will want to drop the Un from your name. You can also come back and vote for Airheads.

  9. Eick

    @Davide, @Unhappy @Sethonious @JoeBuckSwag

    Nothing ruined, nothing fixed, nothing lockd up yet – Airheads is just much better at rallying the vote so far.

    If you think Kit Kat deserves to beat Airheads, by all means, encourage them to activate their fan base, ditto Reese’s or Snickers – any of them are free to participate.

    Nothing is over till it’s over. Last year in the final vote PopChips was up about 3-1 on Oreo until they asked their Facebook fans to support them, at which point that ratio flipped and Oreo won.

    All are free to participate and all are free to rally the vote.

  10. Smile

    I’m honestly shocked that Kit Kat and Airheads are facing each other. I thought for sure that they would both be kicked out last round!

    Even though I’m just a tad bitter that Kit Kat beat M&M’s I still love those crunchy wafers, so they’ve got my vote.

    As I’ve said before, I don’t care for any of the Reese’s products, so my vote is for Snickers! Snickers is probably my favorite ‘bar’ candy.

  11. SweetNinja

    Airheads Rule!! They are pure, sweet, flavorful, sugary goodness that will rise to take over the candy domain! Vote AIRHEADS!

  12. SweetNinja

    Totally awesome fruity flavors that fuel the ninja’s need. Cherry for our loveable sides. Watermelon for when we feel like sneaking in the shadows. Blue Raspberry for our meditations. Pink Lemonade for our Ninja gatherings. Strawberry and Green Apple for a little extra “pep” to our step. And the orange…the best flavor of them all, is for ALL other occasions! Rock on Airheads! Go Airheads!

  13. Candyman

    @ Unhappy…..Negative. Your point only proves that you are truly Unhappy.

    Go outside, do some cartwheels in the grass, smell some flowers, skip near a meadow. Do this while looking for rainbows. After this, eat an Airhead. You will then find your balance, and be able to =)

  14. Eick

    @Unhappy – Snickers, Reese’s and Kit Kat are all free to rally the vote for their brands. If you want them to, let them know! Airheads is one of the few candies not owned by one of the larger conglomerates, so maybe they are just more proactive about interacting with their fans. There’s nothing stopping Reese’s, Kit Kat or Snickers from joining their fans in trying to win Candy Madness – in fact, this was quite common in our Snack & Fast Food tournaments.


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