Voting on these match-ups is now closed. M&M’s (59%) edge Butterfinger (41%), Kit Kat (59%) defeats Starburst (41%), Airheads (64%) beat Nestle Crunch (36%) and Reese’s Pieces (58%) outlast Skittles (42%).

The NCAA tournament may end tonight, but Candy Madness continues until next week! Voting on these Sweet Sixteen match-ups goes from 2 pm ET today to 2 pm ET Tuesday. If you aren’t hip yet to Candy Madness, read our intro post here, or check the up-to-date bracket below.

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Here are the firse four match-ups of the Sweet Sixteen.

Who are you voting for and why? What are your predictions on these match-ups? Which of these candies deserves to go to the Final Four?

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6 Responses

  1. Smile

    M&M’s; no contest.
    Kit Kat; because as much as I love Starburst, I’m a bigger chocolate fan.
    Crunch; one of my favorite chocolate bars.
    Skittles; I’m not a fan of any Reese’s product, but I have no problem eating Skittles until they make me sick haha.

  2. Adam

    I am starting to think the fruit flavored candies are at distinct disadvantage in this tournament.

  3. Tamara

    I think that the lowest ones should be voted for BC they at least need a chance in voting BC it would break ppls hearts and that’s a nice thing to do for them!

  4. Peter

    So disappointed that Butterfinger is losing. If all of my picks won, Butterfinger would be the champion. Especially disappointed that it’s losing to M&M. Really? M&M’s are good, but they’re just pieces of chocolate.

    Also surprised that Kit Kat is beating Starburst so badly. Kit Kat is another one that’s just OK to me. It just doesn’t have much flavor.

    I guess I don’t like chocolate as much as the next person. None of my favorite candies feature chocolate as the main component.

  5. julia

    i hate skittles. they make my mouth hurt and aren’t tasty enough to make up for it. also, reeses > almost every candy!

  6. Matt

    I’m glad to see airheads doing so well, I grew up loving those things!
    As much as I love Starbust, Kit Kat will always be my favorite. I think Kit Kat can take the whole thing down.
    M & M’s are just too strong at this point for ButterFinger to upset it.
    Not suprised the Skittles is losing at this point. Hard to beat a combination of chocolate & peanut butter.


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