Voting on these match-ups is now closed. Cadbury Creme Eggs (57%) edge Dove (43%), Reese’s Pieces (91%) crush Now & Later (9%), Krackel (60%) over Laffy Taffy (40%) and Skittles (87%) destroys Hot Tamales (13%).

1st round Candy Madness voting continues! Voting on these match-ups goes from 2 pm today to 2 pm Wednesday. If you aren’t hip yet to Candy Madness, read our intro post here, fill out your bracket with friends, and join us each day to vote on new match-ups.

Here are the next four first round match-ups of our tournament:

Who are you voting for and why? Which of these contenders do you think can run the bracket and make the final four? Any potential upsets? Share your thoughts in the comments after you vote.

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6 Responses

  1. Smile

    Oh, this bracket today is kind of mean. I /love/ cadbury creme eggs, though I know it’s not a favorite for a lot of people. I also enjoy Dove chocolates, so if that advances over the eggs I’m ok with that.

    And now I’m torn. I like both of these, too. I put my vote in for the Taffy (just as long as I don’t get a banana) since, if I’m looking for a chocolate with a crisp, my go-to is Crunch.

    I also voted Now & Later, but I don’t think they’ll beat a Reese’s product. And of course, Skittles! I eat them until I start to feel sick, haha.

  2. Cynthia

    I can’t believe Cadbury Creme Eggs is ahead of Dove! Yucky super sweet sliminess is beating out smooth rich chocolate? Really? What’s wrong with you people?

  3. Peter

    I voted for Cadbury, even though it’s the caramel eggs I like. Also went with Reese’s Pieces (easy choice), Laffy Taffy (banana is my favorite; who eats Krackel anyway? I’ve never seen one outside the little ones on Halloween) and Skittles (again, no contest).

  4. Marilee

    I think DOVE is 100% better than the much to sweet Cadbury egg..Come on now people,VOTE For DOVE!!!!

  5. Eick

    @Cynthia – didn’t see Dove mobilize their Twitter or Facebook fans and ask for their support, in past brackets that’s been the key to victory.

  6. Cynthia

    What a shame – I had Dove going all the way to the end. Dove sure did drop the ball on this one.


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