If there is one thing I can appreciate, it is dedication to the craft of food preparation. Certainly the taste of food is the most important thing, but when combined with the extra layer of attentive detail, the experience can really be inspiring.

One of the reasons I love sushi is because it often combines these two qualities: taste and attention to presentation.

Therefore, I am especially excited about a movie coming out next month called Jiro Dreams of Sushi, about the world’s best sushi chef.

The focus of the movie is 85-year-old Jiro Ono, who runs a tiny counter in a Tokyo subway station. How word got out on him, I will never know. What I do know is that this man takes his work to a whole other level.

The movie comes out in March, and I will be there… then shortly thereafter, a So Good field trip to Tokyo – because I’ll go that far for my readers.

The trailer:

H/t to Tasting Table for the tip and to Eater for the pic.

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