A sushi chef at Tokyo University has made a piece of  “Obama Sushi.”


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  1. Chrid

    Awesome sushi skillz! The whole thing in the linked article is pretty cute too. The comments on the linked article are weird, everybody’s going insane.

  2. Kate

    too weird… pretty cool, but I just don’t think I could eat something that looks like the president’s face – or I suppose anyone’s face for that matter. Unless of course it’ s with some fava beans… and a nice chianti

  3. Panda

    I think anyone is willing to use your face as their model to put an effort out of trying is worth your pride. If you are just a random person on the street, why would a skillful sushi chef even try to make sushi out of your face of?

  4. gabjoh

    I am relieved that the sushi actually looks somewhat like him (as much as sushi can, i suppose). Too often, depictions of him in foreign countries are just a depiction of a generic black guy. However, the sushi chef here appears not to have fallen into that trap. Good job (even making sushi into *any* human face would be awesome, but this is really nice)!

  5. Asian Fool

    Okay first how can that be racist?? YOU tell me.
    Second you tell me what YOU think racist means. I’m pretty sure your 100% wrong!


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