A sushi chef at Tokyo University has made a piece of  “Obama Sushi.”


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  1. chrid@chridmeister.co.uk'

    Awesome sushi skillz! The whole thing in the linked article is pretty cute too. The comments on the linked article are weird, everybody’s going insane.

  2. KPinski77@gmail.com'

    too weird… pretty cool, but I just don’t think I could eat something that looks like the president’s face – or I suppose anyone’s face for that matter. Unless of course it’ s with some fava beans… and a nice chianti

  3. solo_joedy@hotmail.com'

    I think anyone is willing to use your face as their model to put an effort out of trying is worth your pride. If you are just a random person on the street, why would a skillful sushi chef even try to make sushi out of your face of?

  4. gabjoh2@gmail.com'

    I am relieved that the sushi actually looks somewhat like him (as much as sushi can, i suppose). Too often, depictions of him in foreign countries are just a depiction of a generic black guy. However, the sushi chef here appears not to have fallen into that trap. Good job (even making sushi into *any* human face would be awesome, but this is really nice)!

  5. Whiteroseanime@yahoo.ca'
    Asian Fool

    Okay first how can that be racist?? YOU tell me.
    Second you tell me what YOU think racist means. I’m pretty sure your 100% wrong!


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