I’m sure you’ve seen at least one scathing report on the evils of Cola and what it can purportedly do to everyday items during prolonged exposure. The boys over at Mythbusters have featured this on their show a few times. I’ve even used RC Cola to clean my windshield when I ran out of wiper fluid. It worked nicely, but ultimately turned my vehicle into a sticky bug magnet.

Today we have the newest fizzy beverage urban legend added to the growing pantheon of the weird soda story history book.

Roland Ball, an Illinois Man who bought a can of Mountain Dew in 2009, took a sip, thought the taste was less than Dew-Worthy and discovered the carcass of a mouse inside.

Since then he has been seeking $50,000 in damages, most likely stemming from the psychological trauma suffered after partially ingesting Mickey infused Dew.

Of course, in such a case fraught with potential bad press, you’d think PepsiCo might have wanted this gem of a news story to fade quickly. Not so in this case. Their legal aces rolled out a Veterinary Pathologist and refuted Mr Ball’s claim, stating a dead mouse would dissolve if submerged in Mountain Dew over an extended period of time.

So instead of paying off a guy in probable fear that everyone and their shady Uncle would start shoving possums, rats and family pets into Mountain Dew everywhere, Pepsi decides to publicly announce that their soda would reduce a mouse into a jelly like substance after taking a soda bath over a period of time.

Somewhere out there, a Public Relations executive for PepsiCo is feverishly typing up his/her resume.

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  1. Shannon

    Eww…If it does that to a mouse carcass, imagine what it is doing to our insides. It sounds like acid.


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