It’s Thursday, meaning it’s time for another Eating Styles poll. A while back, we asked you guys about your favorite french fry shapes. This week we want to know – how do you eat your french fries?

How do you eat your french fries, So Good readers? Are you the conventional ketchup-dipper? Put on lots of extra salt? Or are you in the marginalized chocolate milkshake-dunking group? Vote for all your favorite ways to eat your french fries below (you can choose more than one answer), and explain your choices in the comments.

How do you eat your french fries?

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  1. Mark

    I added an other vote to include vinegar as an option, which is my favorite. A liberal dousing of vinegar (malt please) and a sprinkling of extra salt and I’m a happy guy.

    A lot of it depends on the fry and the circumstances. If I am eating in the car I’m likely to go extra salt, no ketchup. If I am sitting down with some steak fries I’m a ketchup dipper since I usually find they need some extra moisture

    Not-so-famous Dave

    I really wish fries were good for you. I like’em so well my preferences aren’t all that strong. As long as they are not undercooked, they’re good.


    Try French fries with honey. I started eating fries with the small honey tub McDonalds offers when I was a kid. It’s good. Try it.


    Malt Vinegar and Old Bay.

    Thats the best way to eat fries. Roy Rogers is the only fast food place I’ve come across to accommodate that. I have been known to eat my fries with a chocolate shake. But, second to the old bay and vinegar is fry sauce. Gravy is good too. I think I just love fries with everything.


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