It’s Thursday again, which means it’s time for another eating styles poll! Up for debate this week? French fries.


Summer is a time for burgers on the grill, but no hamburger is complete without a side of these little golden munchies. No two fries are the same, but french fries do have several distinct styles. The Mickey D’s-style fries, also known as “shoestring fries” are pictured above.

You also have your…

Steak Fries (or potato wedges if the skin is left on)

These are thicker-cut and more potato-ey than regular french fries – kind of like mashed potatoes inside a fried shell.

Seasoned Fries

As their name would imply, these are regular fries with some sort of seasoning thrown on top of them. Flavors range from your typical Lawry’s Salt-esque seasoning to Cajun to rosemary, depending on the restaurant.

Curly Fries

Usually associated with Arby’s, this style typically comes seasoned and cut into fun spiral shapes.

Crinkle-Cut Fries

These are basically original fries, just cut into a crinkle shape (read: better for ketchup-grabbing) instead of a spear. They also tend to be a little bit thicker. You can find these fries in many a middle-school cafeteria or at Shake Shack

Waffle Fries

Served at Chick-fil-A, college cafeterias and random bars & restaurants.

What’s your favorite french fries style, So Good readers? Are there any we missed? Vote for your favorite below, and defend your choice in the comments.

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10 Responses

  1. jesse

    Nothing can top a perfectly cooked steak fry. It combines mashed potatoes and french fries into a single dish! The only other time you get something that delicious is when you find a place that actually serves both french fries and mashed potatoes.


  2. Geena Stepp

    I think I am just gonna be boring and go with the shoestring fries…

  3. Smokin'

    Love the look of those steak fries – brown and crispy on the outside. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  4. paul prodhomme

    Wow clear favorite here…..I voted waffle, but honestly, fries are about the salt. Its how we humans satisfy that craving without bellying up to a salt block like a cow. Whenever I am eating fries, I think, “MAN, I wish these were good for you. Potatoes are a veggie, right?”

  5. Shannon

    Favorite? I had to vote other, because they are all pretty equal to me. As long as they are cooked in fresh oil thoroughly, to a crisp, lightly seasoned, and served while hot, they are all welcome on my plate.


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