Every once and a while, the taste test division of So Good, Inc. receives a special request to try a new product before it hits the marketplace.  As a true tastemaker, we feel it is our duty to serve the public by offering a candid assessment (and eating free food).  And, as usual, we are providing an exclusive first sneak peek into this new product (except for here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

The item: Wheat Thins: Smoky BBQ

As the resident BBQ expert, I took on this assignment.  Now, I must say up front that I have a natural affinity for the original Wheat Thins – they have a nice snap, a touch of salt, and go with most things without being overpowering.  What I usually am not so big a fan of, is taking the original recipe, and then blasting it with freeze dried ranch powder, or the ilk.  Yuck.  I was afraid the same thing would happen here.

Upon opening the bag, I noticed a strong, but not overwhelming smoke-ish odor.  Pulling out the first sample, I noticed that the familiar thin square did have an orange-ish coating. I was worried, but not for long.  The taste?  Actually, pretty good.  Not overly smoky, and a hint of sweetness given away by reading “honey” in the ingredient list – right between “onion powder” and “artificial color.” Also, the dusting of garlic and onion powder can be heavier on some crackers more than others, but overall, a pretty pleasing snack.  Not as good as the original, but good stuff.

One important note – probably not a good idea to eat when hungry, as you could probably go though most of a box.  This is usually why I don’t buy these demon treats, as they can be way too tempting.

Now it might be a while before these hits the shelves, as we usually review products way in advance.  It’s because we’re heavy hitters; what can I say?


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  1. Snap Is-Gone

    I just had some. They are crumbly. No snap. I guess they decided to “improve the taste”. Sigh.


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