In the world of politics, people have long memories. This is an unfortunate fact for faux-presidential candidate Rick Perry, who is a master of making himself look like a first-rate boob.

Whether it be calling climate science a “contrived phony mess,” suggesting that Texas might secede from the US (which it legally can’t), or killing a rogue coyote with a laser-sighted pistol while exercising in his neighborhood (jogging holster, anyone?), “Rick Perry” and “good judgment” have never appeared in the same sentence.

Therefore, when I heard about a remark regarding barbecue that Perry belched out back in 1992 that has popped back on the radar – and opened an old wound in the swing-state of North Carolina – I took notice.

You see, they take BBQ seriously in the Tar Heel state.

As the story goes, upon tasting an eastern NC-based restaurant’s BBQ, Perry said, “I’ve had road kill that tasted better than that.”  (You can still hear the collective gasp pushing out over the Outer Banks.)

As the self-appointed embodiment of Texas, Rick Perry thinks that the only true form of BBQ come from beef.  Conversely, North Carolinians like their BBQ to come from pork.  Having lived in both locales, I can frankly say that Rick Perry lives up to his reputation, not only in picking the wrong smoked meat, but also for making his thoughts audible. For when you question NC BBQ, you question the hearts and minds of the state.

I know the beef vs. pork issue can be disputed (although it shouldn’t), but not Perry’s overall track record.  If only this candidate was as humble and unadulterated as tender, juicy, vinegar-based pulled pork, he might have a horse in this race – and frankly, that might be all he has to chew on back at his ponderosa when the country starts to take notice, that is, if he runs out of road kill.

What side of the fence are you on?  Beef BBQ? Pork?

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  1. Adam

    There is room enough in this world and my stomach for both. I’m from Texas so I lean towards a great slow smoked brisket but I like pork BBQ as well. NC bbq is very different and if you are used to Texas or KC style with the bolder sauces, the vinegary NC sauce can takes some getting used to. Not my favorite but I can appreciate it.

  2. Zap Rowsdower

    “What side of the fence are you on? ”

    I’m on the side of the fence that keeps politics out of a FOOD blog. Sheesh!

  3. Obbop

    Politician opens mouth.

    Do not expect ANY rational thought to emerge.

    Consider the audience… the AVERAGE USA citizen-sheep functions at a barley-literate level and uses a thought-process based upon implanted knee-jerk rhetoric placed there via life-long indoctrination/propaganda by the most well-honed propaganda system ever devised by humanity.

    Obey your elite-class and corporate USA masters.

    Do NOT even attempt to comprehend how great the influence the elite-owned mass media has upon who is allowed to run for political office and who will eventually win.

    Just obey your betters, you commoners.

  4. Zap Rowsdower

    Gee, my gentle comment chiding you for putting politics in a FOOD blog is still “awaiting moderation” but Obbop’s weird screed saying that the average US citizen is a “sheep” gets approved. I don’t suppose it has anything to do with Obbop giving your blog a plug on his website now does it? Are you really that thin skinned? So long So Good. More like So Pathetic.

  5. Cynthia

    Not real happy about any politician bashing in what is supposed to be a food blog, but I’ll answer the question anyway. Beef with a 70 / 30 lead over pork.

  6. Eick

    @Zap – had no idea he had given our site a plug until you mentioned it. Only reason your comment was in moderation was it was your first time leaving a comment, guess Obbop had left one before. That’s just the default spam setting we have. As you can see, your comment was approved without issue. We don’t censor.

    @Cynthia @Zap – So Good ain’t a place for recipes and cooking tips, we write about food as pop culture – very frequently that intersects with politics. In fact, if you search our “Catgories” on the right sidebar you’ll see we’ve had 66 posts tagged with “politics.”

  7. Sam

    Pork BBQ > Beef BBQ

    I’m more concerned with Rick Perry’s lack of respect for the culinary benefits of roadkill. Will the close-mindedness never cease???


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