Interestingly I received the press release for this the morning of Monday, August 8th RIGHT after putting on my “Avoid the Noid” t-shirt. No joke. Domino’s is celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Noid, the infamous claymation character from Domino’s commercials like this one:

Domino’s is bringing the Noid back for one week only, in the form of the Noid’s Super Pizza Shootout game. The premise? The Noid has stolen 10,080 gift cards for a free pizza and Domino’s will be giving one out each MINUTE of the week to the highest round score at any given minute. Huh. Here’s what the game looks like, which can be played on the Domino’s Facebook page:

Back when Domino’s was one of my clients I was emphatic about their need to bring back The Noid at some point. There is just a ton of retro love for this guy. I’m glad to see The Noid make his return, even if it is just on Facebook and not in TV ads.

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  1. Brian

    I like the idea of giving the players who score the highest number of points a gift card. I won’t be attempting it, but I do think it’s clever marketing.


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