Interesting infographic from Bundle showing which cities spend the most on fast food (as well as which cities spend less than average). Click the graphic below for a larger view. Any cities on either list or any other info in the graphic that is either unsurprising or surprising to you?

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  1. Jesse

    Very interesting!

    Some of the cities caught me off guard, but I’m not surprised Orlando has so many of various chains…the majority of the city is built around park tourism, and so having a version of your chain near major park entrances makes a lot of financial sense.

  2. Cynthia

    Seems the below average cities are the larger ones, maybe because they have so many city dwellers and local shops?

  3. Sam

    Being a UW student, I can tell you 90 percent of the fast food dollars in Madison are spent between the hours of one and three a.m. at the McDonald’s on Regent Street. Sadly, a lot of them are my dollars.


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