McDonald’s is testing a new “English Pub Burger” right now. It’s unknown how many locations it’s being tested at, but there are several early reports of stores in Illinois. Within The Empier got one at a McDonald’s in Algonquin, Ill and snapped this photo of the box:

The burger is described as a 1/3lb Angus Beef Burger with hickory-smoked bacon, white cheddar, American cheese, steak sauce, Dijon mustard, grilled onions. It’s also touted as being on an “artisan roll”, which is different than the regular Angus burger bun. One reader of GrubGrade tried it and exclaimed:

it works and tastes unlike anything I’ve ever had from McDonald’s

First off, how unoriginal are McDonald’s and American fast food places in general with their cheese selections? Is it possible for a fast food place to EVER use a cheese that isn’t American or Cheddar? Yeah, you OCCASIONALLY get Swiss, but only in the context of a mushrooms & Swiss burger.  Why are these chains so unimaginative? Also, American cheese on an English Pub Burger? Sure, makes sense (*punches self in face*).

I also got a kick out of the placemat advertisement for it, which gives a one-paragraph description of the burger including popular English buzz words like “fancy”, “smashing”, and “gobsmacked.” For the average McDonald’s customer, who may not be cultured enough to know these terms, McDonald’s provides a handy glossary at the bottom of the placemat:

Awesome. A GrubGrade reader also snapped this picture of a bus stop ad for the new burger, just in case there were still any doubters out there:

Are there any So Good readers in Illinois or elsewhere who have seen or tried the English Pub Burger? If so, what did you think?


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  1. Lewis

    ugh, there is nothing living on there like lettuce or tomato. Its hard for me to choke down an all meat/cheese burger no matter how they dress it up. Fail.

  2. JT

    In the olde english tradition – more terrible mystery meat. Perfect for Mickey D’s…

  3. Brian

    When I want great English food (is there such a thing?) my first thought is McDonalds.

  4. Andy

    A pub burger is nothing like a McDonalds burger and great English food is not McDonalds!

  5. Eick

    Nope, that’s the name of the blog. The guy even says right on the homepage that it’s not a typo, that’s how he spells it.

  6. Nathalie

    There’s absolutely nothing English about it, except for a slightly vinegary taste (um, that’s supposed to be on chips, McDonalds) and a sort of semi-English-muffin texture to the bun. That being said, it was the best burger I have EVER had from McDonalds.

    The bun seemed like it would be a nightmare (dry), but the “artisan” bread was actually pretty good. A little “whole grain” to it, a little sourdough taste to it, soft inside, just chewy enough outside. The cheeses were, well… cheese. The mixture of dijon and steak sauce as I mentioned were strongly vinegary, but it had a flavor. The bacon was surprisingly good. It was the meat part, not the fat. I didn’t have a string of some undercooked bacon with which to contend. I would actually go back for it. The meat? Well, it’s McDonalds. How they they make hamburger fluffy?

  7. Nathalie

    By the way, the above review was relative to other McDonalds products… take with a grain of salt, and a LOT of sodium.

  8. Brittani

    Well, the McDonalds in my town has been serving these English Pub Burgers for over a month now, and so far they’ve been great! I know what I’m having for lunch today. 🙂


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