After the Boston Bruins won their first Stanley Cup in 39 years, making Boston the definitive titletown of the country (on the heels of the Sox, Pats and Celtics) you knew there was going to be a party. What you didn’t know was that there was going to be a receipt.

On the 18th of the month, right after the duck boat parade through the streets of beantown, the team hit Connecticut’s own Foxwoods Casino for a night of debauchery. The result? How about a bar tab of $156,679 (tip included, to the tune of $25k)?

The highlights:
$100,000: 30 liter, yes 30 liter, bottle of Ace of Spades Brut “Midas” champagne – enough said
$4,000: 4 bottles Moet champagne – pricey, but not as ridiculous
$680: 136 Bud Lights – must have been the Canadians
$525: 36 Jager Bombs – must have been the Euros
$300: 1 bottle Bacardi – there is price gouging, and then there is price gouging
$6: 1 bottle Corona – just so that every bottle of booze in the joint was accounted for

One thing to realize here is that they didn’t throw a party for all of downtown – this was just for the team. With 26 guys on the roster, that comes to about $6k a head… but after 39 years, well worth it.

Do you see anything on the receipt worth calling out?

H/t to The Tony Kornheiser Show for the tip and Busted Coverage for the pic.

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  1. Eick

    JT – I’m *shocked* that you have found a way to mention the Bruins Stanley Cup win in your latest post.

  2. Jen

    Bruins and specifically, Tim Thomas, are denying this was their bill. Thomas said that people thinking this is real is embarrassing and they don’t like the picture it paints of them. As with everything, there’s most likely a bit of truth in both versions of this story.


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