When it comes to making a sandwich, as I have long said, condiments are the lubrication that keep the engine of a sandwich running.  Without them, what do you have?  It might as well be tumbleweed.

As a result, I have sampled many forms of sandwich spreads, from spicy horseradish mayo to red pepper hummus and many things in between.  I am generous with my additions, and as a result, there is often much cleanup to be done (post-sandwich, of course).

Therefore, when I saw the invention below, my jaw hit the table.  It is truly for the sandwich king that has everything.

Developed by Japanese company Furukawa Kiko, the device called SWITL can take blobs of “semi-liquids” right off the counter, seemingly untouched, and can even put them right back (or onto a sandwich).   I’m not sure what the practical application is here, but it is really cool, and if you can’t wow them with your sandwich, you might just have to wow them with the clean up.

H/t to Fast Company’s twitter feed for the scoop. And for more on sandwiches, the So Good archives is packed.

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  1. Rick

    Fascinating. Even after watching the video, I’m not sure how this technology will be used (neither do they, apparently), but I know that it’s important.

  2. JT

    Rachelle – Amen. It has something to do with Teflon, but it still boggles my mind.


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