Several years after the introduction of BK Shots in the U.S., Burger King Japan is unveiling a similar product named BK Bites that will launch on June 20th. The BK Bites are being sold in conjoined pairs. There’s a “Beef & Chicken with Lemon and Basil Salt Sauce” and, perhaps more interestingly, a mini BLT bite conjoined with a BK Bite with Spam.

The BK Bites are being promoted under the tagline “What Women Want, Women Get.” Despite the outrageously high fat content of Spam, a press release from Burger King Japan positions the smaller BK Bites as “lighter and suitable for women.” This is the same tagline used to promote BK Shots (same/similar product, different name) in Singapore this spring as part of hunk-a-licious ads like this one:



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  1. Kali

    So, wait….all I had to do to get hot buff Asian men to pay attention to my every whim was eat Burger King??

    Someone should’ve told me this before I got married.

  2. Shannon

    Thanks BK. I am so sick of looking at naked women, Hardee’s. This needs to be in regular rotation.


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