In honor of their 125th anniversary, Coca-Cola has temporarily changed the Atlanta skyline and their high-rise HQ into a 4-sided movie screen, showing many of their ads used over the years as well as some cool visuals – made especially impressive by their scale (26 stories).   The building will be lit up every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in May.

As has been documented on So Good before, I continue to believe that Coke is one of the worst offenders in making this world a fatter place — but a good idea is a good idea.   I’m not sure how much it cost to put this plan into action, but it is smart branding – and one big reason they have been in business so long, darn it.

H/t to PSFK for the tip.

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  1. Scott

    Thanks for providing the video. However, I disagree with your comment on Coke being the offender. It is not Coke’s fault, or even any junk food manufacturer’s fault that America is getting fatter. It is our fault for consuming the product. Coke would not manufacture Coke if we stopped drinking it in the interest of better health. Let’s put the blame where it really lies. the consumer. Unfortunately, we want a cheap filling alternative to healthy food, and we are shooting ourselves in the foot. In summary, Coke provides the gun, we’re the one’s that use it.


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