From the sustainability desk of So Good comes a news story about an idea to transform one of the most recognizable consumer icons for the good of the planet.  The object: the Coca-Cola bottle.  The idea: to turn the famous curves of the bottle into a rectangular shape for the following reasons, according to the designer, Andrew Kim:

  • The new bottle features a smaller footprint, making its transportation much more efficient.
  • A stackable design allows for more efficient transport.
  • The slimmer cap reduces waste.
  • The collapsible design does not takes up much space in recycling bins and encourages cap recycling.
  • The bottle is made entirely of plant-based sugar cane byproducts.

Now, as we all know, a company like Coke would never do something as reasonable as sacrificing their “classic contour bottle” for the betterment of the planet.  If Coke cared about people above making money, their main products would not contain enough HFCS to choke a horse.  But what if they DID?  Now the design is not perfect, and Coke remains bad for you, but the good that would come out of this for the sake of the planet would be dramatic.

Especially on the day after Earth Day, isn’t this the kind of idea that we need more of?

See more So Good Coke coverage here, here, here and here.
H/t to Fast Company for the scoop.

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5 Responses

  1. Steve

    “If Coke cared about people above making money, their main products would not contain enough HFCS to choke a horse.”

    Oh yeah Coke wants to kill their customers because everyone knows HFCS is poison. Give me a break. If you dont want to drink it, dont. Coke’s job is to make money. Period. If a new bottle saved money Im sure they would at least consider it.

  2. hecowe

    I’m so sick of hearing GREEN I could hurl.

    “Buy a bag. Stop driving. Change your light bulbs. Don’t use so much toilet paper. Is your food local? Sustainable? Organic?”

    My grandma died ten years ago. Now I have the environmental movement nagging me everywhere I turn. Hand me a Diet Coke with a slice of lime and go annoy someone else.

  3. Terry

    Good lord, the two jerks above me are extremely self-centered twats, aren’t they?


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