A little over a month ago I started a new job as Brand Strategist for Sweetgreen, a DC-based salad and frozen yogurt chain that is leading the national charge in sourcing delicious local and organic ingredients, with an underlying commitment to the environment and its community.

Here at So Good we write about all sorts of different restaurants and food chains – from fast food to sit-down fare to home cooking or more casual fare. Since we keep a special eye out for interesting marketing campaigns, we find ourselves writing with some frequency about big fast food chains – after all, they often have the most money to throw around and their food quality doesn’t usually speak for itself. These chains need to spend large amounts of money to entice consumers to give outrageous new products a try.

After years of writing all too often about fast food chains and products, I couldn’t be more excited to be leading the charge on the brand strategy for a company that stands for all the right things. It’s a great feeling to work for a company whose mission and values you completely believe in. Sweetgreen sources ingredients from local farmers and creates products that are healthy & fresh, but also delicious. Its silverware and packaging is 100% compostable and the company has a strong commitment to the environment and sustainability.  Founded in 2007 by 3 Georgetown graduates, it now features 7 stores in the greater DC area, two in Philadelphia, and continues to build a loyal customer following.

Part of sweetgreen’s mission is to encourage people to live what we call “the Sweetlife” – a balanced lifestyle focused on eating well, living well and being a part of our community. For many of us at sweetgreen, part of the Sweetlife is also about enjoying good music. So this year, we’re throwing the second annual Sweetlife Festival – a festival based on our eco-friendly business practices, commitment to a balanced lifestyle, community partnerships, and appreciation for a delicious yet sustainable meal. The lineup is nothing short of stellar – The Strokes, Girl Talk, Lupe Fiasco, Crystal Castles, Cold War Kids and many others. The festival is taking place May 1st at Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD. If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, do so NOW, the show is getting ever closer to being completely sold out.

If you live in DC, Philadelphia or elsewhere and enjoy sweetgreen’s food, or support sweetgreen’s business practices and values, do So Good a favor and like sweetgreen on Facebook or follow sweetgreen on Twitter.

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  1. Bad Anna

    They just opened one near me in phillly!!!
    I’m going to the show! Girl Talk!!!


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