Burger King has unveiled a new sandwich, the “Meat Monster.” Currently only available in Japan, this bad boy clocks in at 1,160 calories and features two hamburger patties, a chicken breast filet, two slices of cheese, three pieces of bacon plus lettuce, tomatoes and onions. This is more than twice the calories of a McDonalds’s Big Mac. The sandwich is currently retailing in Japan for the equivalent of $9.79. Although it’s only available in Japan, Short Order took things into their own hands and built their own Meat Monster.



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  1. hay30@aol.com'

    Are they just trying to copy Hardee’s? Truly, is there a market for this or are they just hoping people try it on a whim? If they’re banking on whim, where’s the long-term benefit?

  2. greengnt02@yahoo.com'

    What is with the crazy burgers coming out in japan. First the window 7 burger with 7 patties. Now this monstrosity, what is going to be next a sandwich made with fish, chicken, and beef.


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