I got a tip from a friend of mine who works with the National Geographic Channel about a couple of their upcoming shows that go behind-the-scenes at beverage factories – Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola.  Based on a recent post where I talked about Oprah (partially) pulling back the curtains of a Cargill slaughterhouse, this is right up my alley.  I love to see how efficient these companies are at making the world a fatter and more boozed-up place.

A few eyebrow-raising points found in the above video about Coke:

  • 800 million servings per day are consumer around the world
  • 99% of the planet could go pick one up if they wanted to
  • While the world drinks Coke sweetened by sugar, the U.S. gets HFCS – due to corn subsidies
  • 4.5 million servings a day are produced by one factory in Baton Rouge
  • Coke is 90% water, and 10% pure evil (the second part is implied)

These shows start coming on the tube in a week – JD on 3/10 and Coke on 3/17.  Details here.

Full disclosure: my friend sent me an airplane bottle of Jack, a 7.5 oz can of coke, and details about the show to fill me in.  Unfortunately, they will suffer the same fate as the ground beef sent from Cargill.

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