“I bought some peanut butter recently. There’s creamy, chunky, extra chunky, and now extreme chunky. I got the extreme chunky home and opened it up – it was just peanuts. That is extreme, trying to spread that stuff.” – Jim Gaffigan, Beyond the Pale

It’s Thursday! Which means it’s once again time to pit some hardcore food warriors against each other. Just try not to cream (or crunchy) your coworker in the face with a PB&J as you answer this one…



…Or creamy?

Do you enjoy the spreadability of creamy, or maybe crunchy’s more fibrous texture? Vote for your preferred peanut butter style and explain in the comments section below.


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19 Responses

  1. thomas

    I prefer crunchy, but since the kids like creamy that’s what we usually have in the house.

  2. Joel

    Where’s the option for “Neither, I grind my own and adjust according to whatever I’m eating at that moment”?

  3. Cynthia

    I hear ya, Thomas, but then I tried crunchy again after a few years, and, now, I like creamy better. I guess it’s what you become accustomed to.

  4. Geena Stepp

    Peanut butter is creamy. That other product is fine for some, but it needs another name . It is not peanut butter.

  5. Jay

    I’ve always preferred crunchy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a PB&J, used for cookies, or just being spread on toast, I like the crunch. The only time that I’d prefer to use creamy peanut butter is if as a cooking ingredient.

  6. Spam

    It must be creamy.

    And it must be Jif. (And none of that “natural” or “reduced fat” crap, either.)

    Any other way is doing it wrong.

  7. Teddy

    CRUNCHY!! I love peanuts and what better way to celebrate them than to have both the solid and “butter” parts together?

  8. Eick

    Count me firmly in the crunchy camp. I’m insanely loyal to brand for peanut butter. I get Peter Pan crunchy 99% of the time.

  9. Clea

    Eick – Are Peter Pan lovers in a cult? It seems to be the peanut butter I hear of most often when people talk about their brand loyalty. I never hear anyone really go “Yes! JIF!!!”

  10. Hannah

    I prefer crunchy because I am saving my creamy pb phase for when I am 76 and in a nursing home. It will be easier on the dentures.

  11. Eick

    I haven’t been invited to any cult meetings, but my loyalty to Peter Pan is absurdly high compared to other products. I figure cost is irrelevant, peanut butter lasts for at least a few weeks even if you use it semi-regularly, and the name brands are all fairly close in price, so why not get the one that stands out as best? Glad to hear it’s the one mentioned most often though – but it’s basically just PP, Jif and Skippy right? Not super deep competition. If I remember correctly, the Jif and Skippy chunky PB’s have smaller chunks that are weirdly shaped.

  12. Hoy

    People who refuse to eat “crunchy” peanut butter are like the people who refuse to eat black licorice. Man-babies, the lot of ya.

  13. Geena Stepp

    why is somene i dont know posting on here with my name?? anyway, i like creamy but i still dont know how to vote..


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