Time for a quick look back at your top 2010 posts from So Good.

1. The Fast Food Bracket

The follow-up contest to our wildly successful Meat Madness tournament in 2009, the Fast Food Bracket absolutely dominated 2010. In addition to heavy traffic for our initial post and 32-chain bracket, various  match-ups, including the finals and final four made up four of the ten most heavily trafficked posts overall for 2010 and the dominated the top 25 and top 50 most heavily trafficked posts. Our Final Four voting post drew 172 comments. So who won the final vote? You’ll have to check out that post, which garnered a stunning 263 comments to find out.

2. The Chipotle Facebook/Cat Issue

So Good’s in-depth take-down of Chipotle’s EPIC FAIL handling of a PR crisis (that should have never been) came late in the year, but still drew heavy traffic, was widely shared on Facebook and Twitter and was THE primary source online for those reporting or commenting on the story.

3. Governor Tim Pawlenty Talks Spam, Fast Food & “Disgusting” Eating Habits

So Good’s exclusive, entirely food based interview with likely 2012 Presidential contender Tim Pawlenty revealed some interesting details about the Minnesota Governor’s eating habits.

4. On Cheese, the USDA and Domino’s Pizza

So Good’s in-depth analysis of wide-spread (and untrue) reports that Domino’s Pizza was using “taxpayer money” to promote a new 6-cheese pizza helped set the record straight and changed the online narrative. Thanks in part to So Good’s reporting and analysis, many bloggers and reporters walked back earlier criticisms and revised their reporting on the issue in the three weeks that followed.

5. The 7 Types of Groupon Buyers

So Good’s post profiling 7 different types of individuals who buy Groupons drew a healthy amount of traffic and links from other sites and humorously answered the question “just who ARE these people buying Groupons?”

6. All Things KFC

The fast food chicken chain’s controversial but talk-worthy marketing tactics inspired multiple posts on So Good that drew traffic, links, attention and other coverage. Just 5 days into 2010, So Good had one of its most heavily trafficked posts of the year, KFC: Helping You Survive Awkward Black People Since 1952! about a KFC commercial in Australia that many American’s saw as perpetuating racial stereotypes. KFC also released the Double Down, changed its slogan to the name of this very site (So Good) and offered women $500 for a piece of their ass. So Good also weighed in with a KFC-themed rant titled Who Eats KFC on a Bus?

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