Continuing my blog posts about the  food I ate in Bogota, Colombia (I seem to have stumbled across many more interesting places there than my previous two international destinations) I ate lunch one day at a place called Los Lenitos.

As I walked down the street searching for an interesting place, this restaurant caught my eye (and my nose) because of the delicious smelling meat that was being cooked over an open flame on the wood-fired grill outside the restaurant.

My Spanish is incredibly limited, but I could tell from the sales pitch of the guy working the grill that he was offering up what amounted to a “Mixed Meat” platter for the total cost of about $8 American.  I took him up on the offer, went in, sat down, and about 10 minutes later was greeted with this plate in front of me:

Beef, pork, ribs, a whole collection of greasy and very fatty, but delicious, cuts of meat.  Not to mention an arepa, guacamole and some cooked potatoes that are buried under the mound of meat you see above. The meal wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing alcoholic beverage, in this case Poker, a local Colombian beer that is as disappointingly mediocre and bland as you can get. I do not recommend. Then again, I can’t really recommend any of the Colombian beers I tried, they were all awful, awful, awful. So I guess Poker is no worse than any other choices you might have.

A whole platter full of meat, including ribs, was a great deal at only $8 American.  I stuffed my gullet as much as I could, but with such a massive pile of food I left a couple potatoes and a slice or two of meat on my plate at the end. But overall, well worth it.  The meat, while very fatty, had a very flavorful taste thanks to the use of a wood fire for cooking. Yum.

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  1. Marilyn

    Fatty meat: Yuk! This meal does not look as appealing as some of your other food finds on your recent travels.


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