After spending a few weeks touring New Zealand and its cuisine on behalf of So Good, I have returned with a full belly and fresh perspective.

I will spare you the details of my trip, but will share one of the more curious photos taken along the way. 

See above for a burger joint in Auckland, romantically called Murder Burger. No punches pulled here.  Also extra points for the kitten logo. (I also love that they have no website, instead just a funky blog.)

H/t to A Hamburger Today for spotting a “Staff Wanted” sign c/o MB.  Only in New Zealand.

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  1. Brian

    There’s a place in Davis, CA (about 10 miles west of Sacramento) that use to be called Murder Burger. A few years ago they changed the name to Redrum Burger. The old owner apparently wanted too much money from the new owner for the original name.

  2. Mrs. L

    HAHAH, yep, I was going to talk about the old Davis Murder Burger too. My Gram lives in town and I’ve been getting burgers at that place since the mid 80’s.


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