SlashFood is reporting that despite the initial announcement by McDonald’s that the McRib would be appearing in stores nationwide on November 2nd, it is now readily available at many McDonald’s locations.

Yep, that’s right, McDonald’s shipped those bad boys early, and now McRib lovers get to reap the benefits pre-election day.  SlashFood got its hands on a McRib and have posted a review.  For those concerned that maybe the McDonald’s near SlashFood HQ has McRibs but other locations don’t, a quick check of the McRib locator shows you have nothing to be afraid of (red pins represent a McRib sighting in the past 10 days):

McRibs have a special place in So Good’s heart, as they were prominently featured in our first ever Would You Rather question: Circus Peanuts vs. the McRib.

McRibs everywhere! Will this round be the popularity surge the McRib needs to finally get on the menu permanently?

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  1. Jason

    Would the McRib be so popular if it was a permanent menu item? It’s like Cherry Coke. It was so great in the 90s because it was a rarity but it’s since lost its charm. I find that the same people who rave about finding a McRib are likely to also request more cowbell.


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