Since its creation in 1987, Dippin’ Dots have been dubbed “the ice cream of the future.” Which, given that it is 23 years old, means the future is now. Give me my laser gun and let me teleport somewhere already!  Despite Dippin’ Dots losing its patent in 2007, there are plenty of imitators out there and the technique and idea behind these little frozen bits of ice cream very much lives on.

With this video starring mixologist Mike Yen of Nine-Ten in La Jolla, we may be looking at the booze/mixed drinks of the future.  Watch as Mike uses liquid nitrogen to make a Dippin’ Dots version of a classic white russian cocktail.  Hey, if we can make marijuana ice cream, why not nitrogen frozen cocktails? For those of you wondering, yes, this creation absolutely has booze in it. The extreme cold temperatures of liquid nitrogen allows the alcohol within the mixture to freeze.

Thanks to loyal So Good reader Hannah for the tip.

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