We have all seen Dippin’ Dots, those weird little beads of ice cream sold at Disney World and baseball games. I am a much bigger fan of a hot dog and beer at a game, so I have always passed up on this bizarre, and seemingly unnecessary, ice cream mutation. When I eyed these phony Dippin’ Dots, Molli Coolz!, at the local Giant, I had to seize the opportunity and make up for lost time with these frozen treats. Here is the skinny:

Smell: None.

Appearance/Texture: Peering in to the package, I could already tell this stuff was seriously freezer burned; a fine patina of ice covered every pellet. When I tore of the lid, I was greeted with another lid. Apparently, this double closure was supposed to protect the product from said freezer burn, but it certainly did not. When I opened up the container, I realized that there was not only freezer burn over everything, but there was also ice crystals through out the whole container.  Bits of Butterfinger candy was mixed through out the vanilla balls and ice. The vanilla ice cream beads were hard and almost a bit chewy the same time. The Butterfinger pieces were sticky and clumped together.

Taste: Well, the Butterfinger candy pieces were tasty, despite the gooeyness. I mean, it is Butterfinger; even though it was a bit jank, it still tasted decent. The ice cream particles were not so enjoyable, though. They were essentially tasteless, with the lovely lingering taste of freezer. I hate to keep harping on the freezer burn, but it ruined the whole product. I am fairly positive it cannot be avoided; I don’t think it was a deficiency of my grocery store, but a flaw of the packaging and the product.

Final verdict: There are about a zillion frozen treats I would take over this stuff. It just really made me wish I was eating a Toasted Almond or some Chubby Hubby. I was nervous I was going to really like this and scarf the whole container…turns out I had nothing to worry about. After two bites, it was happily pitched in the garbage.


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  1. Jon

    They sell Dippin Dots at the shop below my apartment. They’re like 5 bucks for a tiny cup.

    Totally not worth it.

  2. Capital Spice

    I’m a big fan of the ice cream of the future, but this ice cream of a different, lamer future doesn’t sound like it would do it for me.

    In fairness re: the freezer burn – the fault may lie with the grocer. If the product is not kept at below-freezing temperatures at all times, it will begin to thaw and condensation will form. Once the product is refrozen, the droplets become those crystals you found throughout.

    It happens at almost every grocery store – they either lack the manpower or the inclination to get everything unloaded from the delivery truck and into the freezer cases quickly enough.

    That kind of temperature fluctuation is also what makes bagged salad mixes go slimy so quickly.

    Having worked at Trader Joe’s for a few years, I saw both (freezer burn and slimy produce) happen more often than not.

  3. Jen O

    You may want to give MolliCoolz another try! I’ve bought these ice cream beads many times and have never run into the freezer burn issue – it must have something to do with the handling and distribution process. My favorite flavor is Cookies n’ Cream. I’ve also bought MolliCoolz to serve at my friend’s birthday party and they were a big hit. People like them because they are different and really fun to eat.


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