I grabbed this drink on a complete whim. I was parched and exhausted and it seemed like a little gift from Manna.  I was at Whole Foods so I expected it to be less synthetic than a Red Bull or one of those Rock Star drinks. I had very few expectations…which is probably a good thing.

Hi Ball Energy Drink

Smell: Nada.

Texture/Appearance: Wet, cold, and bubbly.

Taste: It tasted a bit flat and bitter. Also, it was grapefruit merely in name. There was nothing citrusy about it. Imagine drinking a bottle of Perrier that had been left open for two days–there you have it. I drank it, but I wasn’t impressed.

Final verdict: There isn’t really much to say about this. I’d pass. I will go for a Red Bull if I need a shot of energy.


Lemmonex writes almost daily about food, life, and her cripplingly bad habits daily at her blog, Culinary Couture.

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  1. bettyjoan

    Good thing the Red Bull people were out blocking traffic in Georgetown! If I want grapefruity flavor, I’ll grab a Fresca. Yes, Fresca. Not just for geriatrics!

  2. LiLu

    What’s that stuff at Starbucks? Izze? That stuff is basically this, only it ROCKS.

    It’s also like $19, but hey, you’re at Starbucks. What the hell do you want?

  3. Lemmonex

    Sorry–should have said…I didn’t get much energy from this. I’ve been sick so sorry for the somewhat crappy review…


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