Three weeks ago I set out on a journey around the Caribbean and Central/South America. Armed with a Jetblue All-You-Can-Jet pass, I had the ability, over the course of a month, to go anywhere JetBlue flies in the United States or the Caribbean. Knowing I needed to be back in the States for a wedding on October 1st, I drew up my itinerary, hoping to hit as many places as I could while not having to travel EVERYDAY.  My final itinerary: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, San Francisco and Chicago. I’m hoping to check out the Bahama Breeze happy hour while I’m here.   Over the next few weeks I’ll be documenting for So Good readers with photos, stories and anecdotes of the interesting food I came across during my travels.  I hope you all enjoy!

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  1. Javier

    Hey, Good luck on the trip. I follow your blog from sunny and rainy Costa Rica. If you need anything while on the country just write to me.
    It would be nice if you to write a post on our food.


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