Ate at a couple interesting places in Vegas, including an outstanding Kobe burger at Huber Keller’s Burger Bar (sorry, no pictures). I ordered my burger medium-rare on Ciabatta bread. Burger was excellent and the sweet potato fries were top notch.

Also ate brunch at a place called Hash House a go go where I had an absolutely epic meal: Sage fried chicken over waffles with bacon. Yes, there were actually strips of bacon cooked into the waffles:

Honestly, this picture doesn’t even do it justice in terms of the size. This bad boy was brought out on a plate about 2 feet wide, and was piled a good 10 inches high. The chicken was excellent and the sauce had a bit of Asian flair, tasted like maple syrup infused with teriyaki flavoring. Surprisingly I didn’t really care for the bacon in the waffles, it didn’t add much to the meal, was a bit of a distraction from my attempts to get the perfect bite of waffle, chicken, syrup and hot sauce all at once.

I also had brunch at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, where I ordered the Sweet Potato-Chicken Hash with Poached Eggs with Green Chile Hollandaise (check out the recipe here).

A truly awesome and tasty dish. Well played on this one Flay, well-played.

Now if only I hadn’t lost a ton of money at blackjack it would have been a foodie-rific trip.

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