McDonald’s just announced a new burger in Japan which is being referred to as the “Great Moon Burger.” After reading about it, I was surprised to learn it is a variation on an existing burger that has been served since 1990, called the Tsukimi Burger.  Tsukimi literally means moon-viewing, and refers to Japanese festivals honoring the autumn moon.  Hence, “Moon Burger” for short.  The burger is only served before and during Tsukimi season and the egg is supposed to represent the moon.

So what is the Moon Burger? It’s a hamburger patty topped with a poached egg, bacon and “original Aurora creamy tomato mayonnaise” (translation: ketchup mixed with mayo). Um, yum? It’s like breakfast and lunch got together for some love making and 9 months later out popped a burger. A brunch burger if you will.  So to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Moon Burger, McDonald’s is releasing  the “Great Moon Burger.” It’s the same as the Moon Burger, except with a slice of cheese above and below the burger patty, and most importantly, the burger patty is 2 1/2 times bigger. Fun. 760 calories fun to be exact.

Bloggers have already been attempting to combine McDonald’s breakfast and lunch with creations like the Mc-10:35. C’mon McDonald’s, why don’t you spare us the difficulty of merging breakfast and lunch ourselves and just get this Moon Burger over to the United States pronto. Millions of late-waking, hungover Americans will thank you.

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  1. Nate @ House of Annie

    One of my friends pointed out that the Royal Burger from Red Robin is close to this, in terms of construction and ingredients.

    But yes, McDonald’s should get in on this and McD-ify it for the masses.


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