Was in Ann Arbor this summer and had a chance to try the renowned Zingerman’s deli.  If you have any friends who went to the University of Michigan, ask them about this place, I’m sure they’ll rave.  Zingerman’s is located on a non-descript corner in a somewhat residential area of Ann Arbor. Upon entering I saw a massive horseshoe shaped deli counter, a line of about 25 people, and a window selling fresh baked bread to my right. While waiting in line to get a sandwich I got a loaf of chocolate-chip sourdough bread, which I figured I could take back for some people in my office to try.

I was a little taken aback by the price at first – pretty much every sandwich comes in at over $10 for a regular and as much as $15.50 for the large version of some sandwiches, which uses the same bread but just loads it up with more meat.  But hey, if you make really good sandwiches and become a destination for students, families and tourists alike you’re going to be able to get away with your average sandwich being $12.50.  The extensive sandwich menu approaches nearly a hundred sandwiches and being that I enjoy pretty much everything I was having a difficult time deciding what to go with. Ultimately I settled on #15 “Bill’s 2 Over Prime” which consisted of Hot brisket, turkey, Vermont cheddar, lettuce, tomato and yellow mustard on challah.

This bad boy was pretty big in size and very tasty. Half the sandwich, a bag of chips and a pickle and I was all good for lunch, with half a sandwich leftover for my plane ride home.

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  1. Raiders757

    That doesn’t seem like very student friendly pricing at all. Looks really good though.

  2. Ryan

    Was just in AA and so badly wanted to hit up Zingerman’s. I had my eye on the Georgia Reuben (#18 i think)


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