Eick here. What up people. Just wanted to let you know I started traveling in early August and will be traveling either in the U.S. or Central/South America through October 6th.  So far I’ve been to Long Beach, Los Angeles, Napa, Berkley, San Francisco, NYC and Saratoga Springs, NY. Tomorrow I head up to Vermont for 10 days and then I head to Costa Rica, Columbia, Jamaica, San Francisco and Austin, TX.

While I’m on the road, Cary and JT will be weighing in with the occasional post but I’m going to make every effort to blog regularly from the road. It will be a bit different than what I normally blog about as I’ll be sharing photos/details/stories about places I’ve eaten or things I’ve tried during my travels. Sometimes I’ll just post a photo, other times I’ll have a story or some details to share, but either way I’ll try and keep blogging and keep everyone in the loop. I’m not gonna be live blogging every meal I eat or anything because I’m not one of these people that serially takes photos of every meal they eat, but if I’m eating something interesting and remember to snap a photo I will.

First up, a couple pictures from a meal at Fuego, a restaurant located at the Hotel Maya in Long Beach, site of a good friends wedding. Interestingly, when I was on my JetBlue flight from DC to Long Beach, I was watching that AWFUL new Ocho Cinco dating show and on the episode I saw he took one of the women to this restaurant and I thought, “cool! I’m about to be there in a couple hours.”

Although I ate some guacamole there, for lunch one afternoon I went with the Green Chile Kobe Beef Burger:

One of my friends with me opted for the White Corn Sopes with Black Beans and Squash:

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  1. Raiders757

    Wow! I hope your having fun. How in the world can you stay out on the road for so long? That seems like it would cost a fortune.


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