About two weeks ago Burger King opened its Whopper Bar in Times Square.  Today they unveiled some new burgers that will be served at the Whopper Bar, including a Pizza Burger, Black & Bleu burger and a “Meat Beast” burger.  Adam of Serious Eats had the good fortune to try the Pizza Burger today and reports in his review:

I was surprised that it actually managed to convey both burgerness and pizzaness in a single bite. Of course, when you’ve got the assertiveness of that liquid smoke BK flavor mixed with plenty of pizza shaky spices, it’s not too hard to light up the “burger” and “pizza” areas of the brain at once.

The New York Pizza Burger retails for $12.99. It’s 9-and-a-half-inches wide and made with four Whopper patties topped with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and Tuscan pesto sauce.  It’s not available till September, exclusively at the NYC Whopper Bar. Oh, and obviously this thing is meant to be shared.

Also on the menu” the “Meat Beast” Whopper, which has bacon, pepperoni, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions, American cheese, and ketchup.

Anyone been to the Whopper Bar in NYC yet? How was it?

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  1. Jason-wayne

    Pizza burger could be so bad, so many places have done it so wrong. I like that its 4 whoppers and is made into slices, but I have my doubts, as BK’s limited offerings are a mixed bag at best.


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