Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed.

  • Arby’s (56%) defeats White Castle (44%)
  • Wendy’s (53%) edges Taco Bell (47%)

Today we kick off the next two match-ups of the Elite Eight.  To catch yourself up on the results of the Fast Food Bracket so far, click the bracket below to see all the winners, losers and vote breakdown for each match-up through the Sweet Sixteen. You can also click HERE to read my preview and predictions for the Elite Eight match-ups.

Today, we have underdog and surprise winner #8 seed White Castle vs. #3 Arby’s.  Also facing off today, our two heavyweights, the only #1 & #2 seeds in the same region to both survive: #1 Wendy’s vs. #2 Taco Bell.

Voting is open until 12 pm Sunday.

Who will win? Who should win? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.

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61 Responses

  1. Jeanine Buehlhorn

    I’ve been boycotting Taco Bell for about 4 years now. I was tired of my order always being messed up. Wendy’s has the best food and my order is never wrong. Go Wendy’s!!

  2. Veronica

    Taco Bell should DEFINITELY win! Sorry White Castle…but I saw your episode of undercover boss. Arby’s Who? and Wendy’s doesn’t have a dog “mascot” . Yo Quiero Taco Bell!!!!!!!

  3. Ron Chavez

    As a Hispanic I want to say , Taco Bell is so bad .., not a good food . We make better at home for less !

  4. Ryan Borchert

    As someone who is not hispanic I want to say, I absolutely agree with the hispanic individual Taco Bell is ****ing DOG S**T… Only stoners can like that terrible place i have to say it has to be one of THE worst fast food places in the U.S

  5. Rod-Man

    As a non hispanic as well, I’d like to say you guys a crazy. Taco bell is damn good. They usually don’t mess up where I go. Wendys is terrible though. Burgers aren’t square.

  6. Sam

    You know what Ryan? FUCK YOU!! Taco Bell is the best restaraunt in the whole country. Maybe the restaraunt you went to for food had stoners behind the goddamn counter. Either that or your being a cocksucker for saying shit like that. They STILL haven’t fucked up an order of mine. You know why, ’cause they NEVER WILL… So that’s why I’m saying GO TACO BELL ALL THE ****ING WAY!!!

  7. John

    I’m honestly surprised White Castle is in top 4.
    Wendys > Taco Bell > Arby’s > White Castle

  8. Joe

    Taco Bell and Wendy’s are the 2 best fast food places ever! It’s too bad, they should be meeting in the finals.

  9. Jamie

    I have to say that I love Wendy’s they have always been a step above all the rest, and also just saw on the Biography channel a documentary about Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s, he was truly a great man & worked his way to the top, check it out on the biography channel it’s really interesting!!!!

  10. DD

    @Veronica – Arby’s who? I’ll tell you; Arby’s owns Wendy’s, that’s who! And that Taco Hell dog died, sorry just sayin.

  11. Kyle Kirby

    WOW i cant beleive white castle is still in this…this is ridiculous… Lets GO ARBY”S!!! and as for the other two i love them both so i could go either way but id have to say Taco Bell is cheaper so im rooting for them

  12. Sean Hanson

    White Castle all the way. If it weren’t for the success of White Castle none of the others would be around.

  13. Sal Belleci

    I have been going to Taco Bell for Years. Also My Favorite Place for Burgers is Wendys

  14. George T

    I must say… White Castle should be the number 1 pick, They have great tasting food and it’s made with good ingredients.
    Wendy’s should be number 2, Their burgers and Chicken Sandwiches are made FRESH without all that non-nutritious sauce on them.

  15. Lunantic

    I work at the Bell, actually, and whoever you’re going to, darlings, is obviously not where I work, because we are far better than ANY of the other places around here.

    Tough luck for you. 🙂

  16. Nick

    Taco Bell for the win. White Castle for second. How did Arby’s even make it this far?

  17. Jonathan

    Taco bell is the best, and I’m no stoner! Wendy’s is boring, though I do love the castle it makes me way gassy. And arby’s is way overpriced for what you get. It does taste good though. Go TBell!!

  18. Holly

    I used to really like Taco Bell. I don’t know if they have changed or if I just grew up.

  19. Pippin

    Damn why hate on the Bell? Mexicans love it after a hard night of fence jumping

  20. brenda aronson

    wendys for sure is the best jr bacon cheeseburger with no bacon and there cremy choclate frostys whoo go wendys!!!!

  21. Rusty

    sorry, i know taco bell is not the healthiest, but have you ever had white castle? all you are eating is low quality grease, with meat, cheese, and more grease.

  22. Huck Fonda

    Hispanic here saying that Taco bell is okay… but i prefer Wendy’s, a #6 with 3 orders of Jr.Bacon Cheese Burgers are the best

  23. Dana

    Vote White Castle! Evil giving-me-food-poisoning Arby’s must not win! 🙁

  24. Scott

    All four of these chains suck big time. I much prefer a real authetic restaurant than quick crap.

  25. Andrew

    I got food poisoning from Taco Bell over 5 years ago and I haven’t ate there since and I NEVER will. Wendy’s food is sooooo much better than Taco Bell it should not even be close.

  26. Sha

    I agree with Jeanine. Taco Bell always messes up my orders and I don’t have a phone so I have to complain online. That’s where they just ignore you like, so what? BUT I like Taco Bell because I can get lettuce, cheese, meat and even refried beans and all of those are healthier than a burger with grease seeping out the bag they stick it in. Plus they get my order wrong more than Taco Bell. The healthiest between the two is Taco Bell, which gets my vote.

  27. Stee Sziccle

    McDonalds Rocks the Am(Bfast) and Taco Bell owns the rest of the day! Taco Bell has the most variety and flavor for a BUCK… Period!

    FYI: BK’s Rodeo Burger is no joke!!!

  28. Ant

    Can’t vote for White Castle since they don’t have enough sense to build in Arizona!

  29. AshTR

    I picked Arby’s over White Castle because they at least have the decency to have a bunch of locations in Texas. I’ve never seen a White Castle around here.

    As for Wendy’s vs. Taco Bell, that’s a tough choice, but I chose Taco Bell because I can always get full for cheap. The Wendy’s here is horribly slow and sometimes mixes up things on your order. Both are terrible in the drive-thru however. (Worst service around here is KFC.)

  30. Kathy

    Wendy’ s over Taco Bell. I used to like Taco Bell but know different people who’ve gotten food poisoning there.
    It’s Arby’s over White Castle. Arby’s is expensive for what you get, but we don’t have a White Castle here although that’s about all our town has is fast food places.

  31. Amy

    I just noticed people are judging based upon the service they get, not the actual food they receive. I say if you have had BAD experiences with the employees, don’t keep going to that same exact food place. The great thing about franchises is that there are PLENTY of other ones JUST like it within a few blocks of one another. For the judgment of the food places on this site, please judge ONLY the food they serve, not the service you receive. I have been to a Taco Bell that has messed up my order and one that hasn’t. I have also been to a Wendy’s that’s screwed up my order big time and I have been to one that get’s it right every time. Just find a location that won’t screw up your order and you should be fine.

    As for the food at these places I’ve been to, I have yet to actually enjoy ANYTHING from an Arby’s (I’ve been to ones inside my state and ones outside of my state) that hasn’t made my butt marry the porcelain. As for White Castle, there aren’t any that I have found in Southern California. I cannot judge this one. As for the food, sure Taco Bell is cheap and “filling”, but I have never exactly felt like I could drool over ANYTHING on their menu. When I purchase something from Taco Bell, I’m getting what I am paying for, cheap quality food. Wendy’s on the other hand, has a HUGE variety of different foods. I mean, come on! What other place do you know of that sells not only burgers, sandwiches, nuggets, and fries, but as well as chili, baked potatoes, and salads? What always sells me on their food is being able to take their fries and dip them into their Frosty’s. Their food may not be the cheapest thing on the planet, but I’d rather spend the extra money on something that’s a million times better than those dinky burritos I can make myself (and I can make a better one for the same amount of money I spent buying 3 of them, not to mention I could feed a family with what can be made at home).

    I don’t know of a Taco Bell that has this much of a variety, with such great quality as a Wendy’s. In conclusion, Wendy’s gets my vote.

  32. Wendy's Manager

    @DD as a employee of Wendy’s I just want to make clear who owns who Wendy’s OWNS Arby’s not the other way around It’s Wendy’s/Arby’s group …..thats the corp name
    soooooooo …….. oh and wendy’s gets my vote….lol

  33. joyce

    ATTENTION!!! ARBY’S DOES NOT OWN WENDY’s!!! A company owns both fast food chains.. I work 4 Wendy’s I cannot tell you how annoying it is to hear people say that.
    Dave Thomas was the best!! I strive everyday to uphold his quality and standards. GO WENDY’s!!!!!

  34. Gloria, of Boston's north

    Wendy’s IS the best, square burgers or not. They actually make the burgers after they are ordered and the burgers are made from USDA beef…not South American nasty beef (standards are much lower than USA’s). Taco Bell, here, orders are wrong and people get sick after eating there or the split rest style KFC. No TY. I prefer the stricter hand-washing & cleanliness demands of WENDY’s.

  35. Peggy

    I’m glad we live in a free country, if you don’t like what I like, that’s your problem, but you don’t have to go and puke your character defects all over everyone. Taco Bell is good in a rush, if I want real Mexican Food I go to a real Mexican Restaurant. If I want a real burger, I cook it at home. Fast food is just that, if you’re in a hurry or you cant cook – that’s what you eat. It’s all good, if it’s what you want. Be nice peeps : )

  36. Brent

    Both Taco Bell and Wendy’s are great restaurants. I like Wendy’s a bit better cause nothing is as good as their chili. Taco Bell still has great crunchy tacos-practically a legacy.

  37. WendysFreak

    I love Wendy’s so it definitely needs to win. I hate Taco Bell. The food is terrible. I can make a better taco. I also love Arby’s. White Castle sux!!!!!!!!!!
    So I’m definitely pulling for the inevitable Wendy’s v Ardy’s final. But I do find it weird that Arby’s got this far.

  38. Earl

    Those who are voting for Arby’s have NEVER HAD White Castle, and it’s White Castle’s own damn fault!!

  39. Jordan

    Tbell is the best fast cheap and good. Wendys is ok you dont get a lot for your value and they take way too long to make your food.

  40. Gregg

    Amy, as much as I agree with you, they are allowed to vote for whatever reason they choose. Direct quote from Eick:

    “This is a subjective tournament of course, anyone can vote for whatever reason – cost, convenience, variety of selection, quality or freshness of food, consistency from location to location, whatever they wish.”

  41. Kasey

    Wendy’s serves the freshest food of any fast food by a light year, and since Arby’s is under the same company as Wendy’s, I’m going for those 2 the whole way.

  42. Tammy

    Wendy’s and Arbys is the only two that we go to when we want something fast to eat after a long day of work.

  43. Gregg

    I don’t think I particularly like anyone in the Final Four, but at least now there’ll be some stiff competition. I don’t really care who wins at this point.


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