Update: Voting on these match-ups is closed.

  • Dairy Queen (61%) defeats KFC (39%)
  • Sonic (75%) crushes Popeyes (25%)

The moment has finally arrived: the Elite Eight.  To catch yourself up on the results of the Fast Food Bracket so far, click the bracket below to see all the winners, losers and vote breakdown for each match-up. You can also click HERE to read my preview and predictions for the Elite Eight match-ups.

Today, we have some titans of the fast food world facing off.  #4 seed Dairy Queen, creators of the famous Blizzard and purveyors of burgers, dogs and everything in between takes on #2 KFC, the dominant performer in the extensive U.S. fried chicken market.

Also facing off today, #3 Sonic, the leading vote getter so far in this tournament, takes on #5 Popeyes, another fried chicken behemoth who has earned the 4th most votes to date.

Voting is open until 4 pm THURSDAY.

Who will win? Who should win? Weigh in with your thoughts in the comments.

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32 Responses

  1. Gregg

    Arby’s seriously should not be in the elite 8. They were definitely handed that spot and still barely made it. And, Pizza Hut, I still love you! They’re just confused!

  2. mark

    Having never been to a sonic, nor having one nearby, popeyes has to get the vote from me.
    One of these days maybe sonic will come to my neck of the woods.

  3. Erica

    i totally work at DQ i started a coouple weeks ago… i actually came from a KFC… DQ is so much better and not half as greesey as KFC. 🙂

  4. Erin

    How on EARTH did KFC beat out 5 guys?!?! What is this world coming to? KFC is NOT better than Five Guys people…

  5. Erik

    Arby’s is actually much better than people think. Their sandwiches rock. The top 4 should be Arby’s, Taco Bell, Dairy Queen & Popeye’s.

  6. Tim

    I had such a hard time choosing Sonic over Popeyes because I LOVE their chicken and reb beans&rice. But that’s it. Sonic has such an array of yumminess it won out. If I were stranded on a desert island and I could only have one fast food chain, it would be Sonic.

  7. Jamie

    5 guys beat the heck out of KFC food wise, KFC is just in more markets. One more year in business and 5 guys would crush KFC head to head.

  8. Tricia

    I work at DQ, so clearly that’s where my vote goes. And for the other, it’s going to Sonic. I’ve never had Sonic, but I’ve had Popeye’s, and mostly it’s been bad experiences with them.

  9. Cody Patterson

    I personally hate Arby’s not one time have i gone there and the meat not been cold, chewy, and fat all over it. I have gotten food sickness from there twice and my family too. It’s gross and should not exist. Why did it beat Steak and Shake and why did KFC beat Five Guys? What is this world coming to lol?

  10. Martha

    I work at a dairy queen. ive been there for over a year now and i think it is wonderful. Ive ate at KFC and there food is good but they are very slow. I do think that dairy queens food is way better and at times DQ might be slow but its that we want the quality of our food to be great for our customers because without our customers we dont really have anything. We take great pride in making our food the best for everyone. we cook everything fresh unlike most restuarants. DQ ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!

  11. MinD

    I might be the only person who actually strongly dislikes DQ’s food. Sure, they have great ice cream products, but their food falls short. I’m hoping for a KFC victory.

  12. Hoib

    I just heard about this … y’all are missing something on In-N-Out. Best fast burgers and fries in the world.

  13. Hoib

    Aaaaand the poll completely left out Del Taco in the west. SO much better than Taco Bell, not even a contest.

  14. Johnny Miller

    KFC by far is the best place out of all of them. Their Buffets have everything under the sun, their varities of salads and side dishes offer meal combinations that blow the others out of the water, and their Grilled chicken, strips, and snackers are prepared for those who think about their health, considering now they use Non- Trans Fats now in their food preparation. And still the Colonel’s Original recipe still rocks. We do Chicken Right!!!

  15. Brent

    I would like one of these surveys that would include businesses that exist across the nation. I have never heard of 3/4 of these businesses. Many are west coast or east coast only. We don’t have 3/4 of these in WI.

  16. Eick

    @viktor – Chipotle and In ‘n Out both lost in the voting already. I thought for sure those two would dominate their region, but I guess since they aren’t national enough in nature they don’t have as large a following.

    @Brent – Sorry you haven’t heard of 3/4 of these chains. Included in the original 32 fast food chains in the tournament was 29 of the top 32 in the country by revenue, so it actually wasn’t really possible for me to choose more “national” chains, I already chose all the biggest ones out there.

  17. Jason

    DQ is for cousin fucking redneck hillbillies….KFC is so much better, its loosing because the filthy hillbillies are the only people who fill out a fast food bracket

  18. Tina

    Oh come on – when you get fast food, you know it will be greasy – it actually SHOULD be greasy. So I am partial to some good ole Popeyes Chicken. If you can, get it in New Orleans to make sure it has that extra amount of grease, too. I would get my Blizzard at DQ, though.

  19. Gregg

    Popeye’s losing is understandable, but KFC? Come on! Dairy Queen only has desserts and that doesn’t make up for their ok food and small serving sizes.

  20. Robin

    Popeye’s losing is understandable, but KFC? Come on! Dairy Queen only has desserts and that doesn’t make up for their ok food and small serving sizes.

  21. brittany

    i work at dq and and i know we are slower than other places but the food quailty makes up for that everything we make is prepared fresh and hasnt been sitting under a heat lap for kfc is ok but deff not as good as are chicken ..come on gravy mmm u cant beat that dq is not just for blizzards and ice cream we have quesadillas. chicken flame thrower burgers bbq sandwich hot dogs burgers grilled chicken salads way better than mcdonalds 🙂


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