Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed.

  • Popeyes (63%) defeats Zaxby’s (37%)
  • Sonic (61%) beats Pizza Hut (39%)

Round 2 continues! Today’s match-ups feature #5 Popeyes vs. #8 Zaxby’s and #2 Pizza Hut vs. #3 Sonic.

Click the bracket above for the most up-to-date results and click HERE to see the original bracket and read the post explaining the seeding and rules.

Voting on these match-ups will be open until NOON eastern time on Friday.  Who do you think will/should win these match-ups?

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8 Responses

  1. HAHA

    Pathogen Dave, shut the F**k up dude! ur jus mad that they have amazing food and ur pathetic stomach couldnt handle all the awsomness that is SONIC!!!!! GET AT ME!

  2. Cale

    Sonic? Are you guys mad? Worst food ever!! Zaxby’s is by far the best. You people make me laugh

  3. Faye Davis

    I love Zaxby’s. Moved to NC from GA and found out they have Zaxby’s in Greenville. So glad. I’ve introduced several folks to Zaxby’s. GREAT! My granddaughter and I go there every time she visits me — from VA.


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