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Update: Voting on this match-up is now closed.

  • #2 Taco Bell (75%) defeats #7 Long John Silver’s (25%)
  • #3 Domino’s (52%) defeats #6 Whataburger (48%)

Today’s match-ups feature #3 seed Domino’s vs. #6 seed Whataburger and #2 seed Taco Bell vs. #7 seed Long John Silver’s.

Click HERE to see a full bracket and read the initial Fast Food Bracket post explaining the seeding and rules.

Voting on these match-ups will be open until Midnight eastern time on Tuesday.  Who do you think will/should win these first round match-ups?

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Disclosure: As I’ve mentioned in the past, Domino’s is a client, but of course that had no impact on their seeding (automatic by revenue) nor will it affect the vote by readers.

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  1. Brian

    I had never even heard of Whataburger until two weeks ago when I was in Phoenix and tried it there. It was average, but I still gave it the nod over Domino’s (the old Domino’s, I haven’t tried their new pizza yet).

  2. nick

    not sure its really fair to put dominos, a nationwide chain, up against whataburger which is based out of Texas and is only found in the south and southwest. Most northerners have probably never heard of Whataburger.

  3. Jennifer

    Even though I work for WB corp. I still would rather have Whataburger any day over Dominos card board cheap sauce pizza!

  4. shatraw

    @nick – yeah, but we’ve already seen this sort of thing in the seeding before (arbys defeats in-n-out in the most offensive affront to good taste ever?). not much that can happen. some fast food markets are just smaller than others.

  5. Eric Webber

    A limited selection of very average pizza, vs. a freshly made burger that you can get any way you want it? And that’s before you even consider the chicken/honey butter biscuit for breakfast. No comparison at all.

  6. Jessica

    @ Nick…it’s cuz WB is the best. domino’s can not compare to WB nationwide chain or not! 🙂 the results say it all, wb doesnt have to be nation wide to be the best in the world!!!

  7. jennifer

    I saw this on a Whataburger Facebook fan page — I think that’s where all the Whataburger votes are coming from. No one’s stuffing the ballot box — get over yourself. Nice way to really disclose that that Domino’s is a client. Could your disclaimer have been any smaller? And you’re blocking Whataburger fan votes? Seems suspicious to me.
    Disclosure: As I’ve mentioned in the past, Domino’s is a client, but of course that had no impact on their seeding (automatic by revenue) nor will it affect the vote by readers.

  8. Joshua

    Whataburger!!!! I drove from Artesia NM to Roswell NM for Whataburger just yesterday. That’s an hour for a bacon-cheesburger! Met some guys who frequently drive over 3 hours for the same. It is that good!

  9. Eick

    @Natalie – please see my note about restoring the votes and extending voting in the interest of fairness.

    Also, it’s fine to let your FB fans know – that’s a great way to mobilize votes!

    @Jennifer. No problem if voters come over from the WhataBurger fan page, however, those votes would all be coming from different IP addresses. There was some legitimate ballot stuffing going on – -as in several hundred votes from the same person within a span of about 1 hour. No votes have been blocked, the poll is simply set to allow one vote per IP address.

    As for Domino’s being a client of mine, that’s part of my day job, and So Good is a hobby and labor of love. I’ve put dozens and dozens of hours into setting up this Fast Food Bracket for everyone to enjoy, so I would never in a million years try and influence the results and risk the legitimacy of it! That would be crazy! If anyone honestly thought I would do something like that I’m more than happy to provide you with the logs of all the votes and the IP addresses they came from for any of these match-ups!

    I don’t care who wins this Fast Food Bracket, it’s just fun to see it unfold and its nice to hear when people are enjoying it.

  10. Karenia

    Dominos new pizza is the BEST ! & I always luved the Brooklyn style & I’m fr Cali & Whataburger is OK ..BUT Not better than Carls Jr ! =)

  11. Jennifer

    no offense to any What-A-Burger folks, but I thought their food and service was crap (might be why all the ones in this area closed). I’d eat cardboard before going to a W-A-B again.

  12. Vanessa

    Well I work for Domino’s and have to say am also a fan. I have tried Whataburger and they are a let down!

  13. shatraw

    does it matter if it is one restaurant with the same IP address having repeat votes, eick? how many people can legitimately work at a WAB?

    repeat IP addresses should be canned. we can’t have the WAB mob bullying their way through this bracket. not that i particularly care if dominos gets knocked off, but it sets a bad precedent.

  14. Debra

    Just a little over a year ago, we hosted a reunion of Korean era Marines, they chose to walk to WB for breakfast and went back for lunch, they all said it was terrific. Plus the gorgeous view of Corpus Christi Bay!

  15. Jordan

    Domino’s is WWWAYYYY better than WB. WB is pretty average as far as taste and customer service, where as Domino’s delivers a really hot awesome looking pizza everytime.

    And Taco bell is nasty.

  16. Holley L

    We used to call Whataburger Scarf N Barf in HS. Because you’d scarf it, then an hour later you were barfing it.

  17. ginger

    why do whataburger corporate votes count from the same ip but no one else’s do?!?!? we have 5 people in a house with one computer, but according to your new BIASED rule, OUR votes would not count, but theyirs do. at least we all know that they have to cheat to even have a chance at winning…sad, everything IS rigged.

  18. ryan

    how is dominos considered fast food? the fastest i ever got an order was 30 minutes+ …..

  19. Kim

    No question WHATABURGER!!! Best burgers in fast food, the taquitos are a perfect late night snack, and thier shakes- YUMMY! Dominos I am not impressed with the “new recipe” just more garlic and parmasean cheese on the crust- they should go back.

  20. Gregg

    @Kami- Whataburger has taquitos? eh . .. neway, with all these people rabbling about it, I’ve definitely gotta check it out soon. PS, if it sux, you will all be considered morons, as far as I’m concerned.

  21. Rachel Rice

    WAB IS THE B E S T of all fast foods! Especially their homemade onion rings and Jr. Burgers…..also their lemon and strawberry pies!

    I vote 10 times for Whataburger.

  22. Rebecca



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