Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed.

  • #3 Arby’s (64%) defeats #6 In-n-Out (36%)
  • #7 Steak ‘n Shake (51%) edges out #2 Dunkin Donuts (49%)

Today’s match-ups feature #3 seed Arby’s vs. #6 seed In n Out and #2 seed Dunkin Donuts vs. #7 seed Steak ‘n Shake.

Click HERE to see a full bracket and read the initial Fast Food Bracket post explaining the seeding and rules.

Voting on these match-ups will be open until NOON eastern time on Friday.  Who do you think will/should win these first round match-ups?

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16 Responses

  1. shatraw

    i fear for in-n-out, as their market is so small.

    same for steak n’ shake, which i find middling at best, but i’d vote for steaming pile of dung on a tray over DD.

  2. AmericanRaven

    I’ve never even heard of in-‘n-out but after looking at there locations there only in like two or three states out west soo..no wonder…it’s arby’s and steak ‘n shake for me.

  3. Matt

    There’s no way Arby’s is better than In-n-Out, people are just voting out of ignorance b/c they’ve never had an in-n-out burger before. They probably will lose to Arby’s though, which is the biggest crock of shit ive ever heard of.

  4. lindno

    arby’s is absolutely the most disgusting food i’ve had at a national chain.

    in-n-out is exactly the opposite.

  5. Amy

    I don’t know about you guys, but Arby’s used to make me sick to my stomach when I’d eat their terrible roast beef sammies. In ‘n’ Out has never done that to me. I’m a lover of the Animal Style Fries, Animal Style Double Double, and their shakes. Sorry Arby’s but you suck.

  6. Scott

    In-N-Out will never gain nation wide fame since:
    1- they are not a franchise
    2-they do not use freezers and only have stores where they can get the product fresh
    3-they do not advertise
    The food is great, just had it for dinner. They pay the workers $10 an hour so you get great service and they are always busy. No fluff, just a burger place chain that makes the food just like they did 50 years ago.

    My dad tried to make me eat Arby’s when I was 3. I decided to not eat for a day and a half rather than eat Arby’s. My 3 year old would eat In-N-Out every meal of the day if given the choice.

  7. Nate @ House of Annie

    Arby’s only wins because it’s a national chain and In-n-Out is much less recognized. But put an Arby’s sandwich up against an In-n-Out burger in a head to head taste test and it’s no contest. In-n-Out is the winner.

  8. Brian

    Like some of the other commenters, I don’t think Arby’s would stand a chance if In-N-Out were available in more states. Arby’s is disgusting. You really can’t get much better than In-N-Out when it comes to fast food burgers.

  9. Youppi

    HOW THE F DID ARBY’S BEAT IN-N-OUT BURGER!?!?! I’m from NY, I’ve been to LA once, and can tell you In-N-Out deserved to get father than this.


  10. Poop n Burger

    In n out makes my outside want to come out. Sure its good, but im on the toilet for the next week. Its like eating at a mexican restaurant where they dont wear gloves


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