Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed.

  • #8 White Castle (64%) upsets #1 Subway (36%)
  • #5 Chipotle (55%) defeats #4 Papa John’s (45%)

Two #1 seeds (BK + Subway) have now lost in the first round. Looks like some of the smaller guys are doing a better job mobilizing their online supporters and fans than the big boys.

Today’s match-ups feature #1 seed Subway vs. #8 seed White Castle and #4 seed Papa John’s vs. #5 seed Chipotle.

Click the bracket above for the most up-to-date results and click HERE to see the original bracket and read the post explaining the seeding and rules.

Voting on these match-ups will be open until NOON eastern time on Thursday.  Who do you think will/should win these first round match-ups?

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21 Responses

  1. DAVE ID

    Don’t know about Chipotle but Papa John’s is, with Dominos, the most horrid disgusting pizza ever. I think the box it comes in would be tastier and better for the digestion.

  2. shatraw

    papa johns is the WORST. seriously, that bobby-flay lookalike should be deported.

  3. shatraw

    OH, c’mon, i mean, i know subway is crap, but WHITE CASTLE?

    this is rigged or something.

    also, if papa johns beats chipotle, i’m moving to canada.

  4. steve

    i was going to vote for subway until i saw the comments. I guess i am a contrarian.

  5. WhiteCastleRawks

    I’d rather eat my dog’s food than eat at Chipotle. If you haven’t already tried Qdoba go find one and eat there. It’s like Chipotle only the food’s good.

  6. David James

    The television commercial currently being shown in the Chicago area with a young implanted woman saying “I’ll try ANYTHING once” is disgusting. Children have to watch this. Whats wrong with you White Castle?

  7. kzzme2

    shatraw, obviously you’ve never eaten a real “White Castle”. I grew up on them and am now 63 and going strong. Best fast food burger available. Small, that’s all. 🙂

  8. GetALife

    @David James, you are sooooooo right, my children saw that commercial and now they are scarred for life, years of therapy will never erase the horror of it!! Here’s an idea for you Einstein change the channel or better yet turn it off, get off the computer and get a life. And how do you know she has implants, you are either a dirty old basterd or a flat-chested old mail. Thank you and have a nice day.

  9. Daniel Conrad

    really white castle is nasty i mean the south has something ten times better called krystals and its jsut like white castle but 10000000 times better and i rather have subway every day of the year then even walk into the thug run white castle every white castle i have seen/went into has been either shot up or jsut looked like it needed to be shut down i cant believe it is even a seed. and papa johns i think is one of the better big name pizza places but i rather have little ceasers ha ha and it almost beat mc death i hope someone does.

  10. Wow

    @David James wtf. How is that disgusting? Either you’re a homosexual or still under 10 yrs old. Children arent forced to watch television and it especially wouldnt be aired on kid channels. And i doubt their aiming for little kids to spend money at a restaurant thats been shown in harold and kumar…

  11. Tom

    @David James…..that chick is smokin’. Makes me wanna eat some white castle. Keep up the good work White castle. Can you feature that “young implanted girl” in a future commercial?

  12. frogmouth

    @ Daniel Conrad Dude, you are high. Krystal burgers are a crummy ripoff of White Castle.

    @ David James. Dude, you are just weird. Kids will not get the sexual innuendo of the commercial.

  13. Sara

    I actually happen to know the “young implanted girl” btw they are very real! lol. I grew up with her. her name is natalia segura. She rocks!


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