Update: Voting on these match-ups is now closed.

  • #3 Sonic (86%) crushes Panda Express (14%)
  • #2 Pizza Hut (73%) defeats Church’s Chicken (27%)

Today’s match-ups feature #3 seed Sonic vs. #6 seed Panda Express and #2 seed Pizza Hut vs. #7 seed Church’s Chicken.

Click HERE to see a full bracket and read the initial Fast Food Bracket post explaining the seeding and rules.

Voting on these match-ups will be open until NOON eastern time on Wednesday.  Who do you think will/should win these first round match-ups?

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10 Responses

  1. jdeuel

    No fair! There are so many more Sonics than Panda Express. Having worked at a Sonic for several years of my youth I can guarantee that Panda Express is the only answer.

  2. Doc

    Having eaten at a sonic for several years I can guarantee that Sonic is the only answer.

  3. Paul Johnson

    @jdeuel: The reason there’s more Sonics than Panda Expresses is because Panda Express is slow and only serves variations on the theme of “stir-fried garbage.”

  4. red

    sonic so much better than panda express. Panda express is like a slow asian inspired subway

  5. jen jen

    i am a gm for Sonic and i hate to say it … panda is DELICIOUS. i still give my vote to Sonic for my job but not gonna lie when it comes to the Panda

  6. Cabbage Patch

    The real travesty here that no one is talking about is Pizza Hut. Sure, Church’s is the lowest quality of all the fried chicken joints, and wouldn’t win against most other places, but Pizza Hut is just greasy nastiness. Any pizza chain is better. Even Dominos.

  7. shatraw

    @cabbage patch – disagree. pizza hut’s orginal pan pizza is always delicious on the first slice, good for the second, and disgustingly awful each slice after. at least it has something going for it, though. and compared to dominos and papa junks, it’s manna from heaven.

  8. DOOM

    Sonic is shit. I should know. They’ve given me nothing but crap every time I go.


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