A cool blog called The Ragbag had a post go up a few weeks ago with a venn diagram titled “Towards a Grand Unification of Cutlery” which followed up on the idea of a spork, by also introducing people to the knork and spife, which ultimately combine to form the splayd.


So what kind of genius would make a venn diagram of this nature and propose this sort of cutlery unification? The Ragbag author describes themselves as:

A wack-ademic living in boston. I majored in nomenclature with an emphasis in venn diagramming.

Cool. Well the Ragbag blogger took things a step further than this diagram, getting a hold of a splayd and providing their readers with a review of the utensil which analyzes its spooniness, forkage and knifeability.  The blogger also put together a chart analyzing the performance of the utensil based on key tasks such as scooping and stabbing.

decontructing Splayd

Kind of awesome. What do people think?

H/T to The Wikipedian for alerting me to this post.

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